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Slim Bifold Wallet - The Amarillo Slim Wallets for Men

Our Amarillo Slim Bifold Wallet is perfect for the man who appreciates a traditional mens wallet, but without the bulkiness of a traditional bifold wallet. Our slim wallets for men are an instant classic that never goes out of style. With four card slots and one cash pocket, this sleek mens wallet will easily fit right in with your sophisticated lifestyle.

What is a Slim Bifold Wallet?

Perfect for holding cash and cards, this wallet keeps you from carrying around a bulky object in your pockets. Made of genuine leather with a soft leather finish, it's sure to make fitting into your jeans or slacks so much easier.

Your father may have had a similar bifold wallet, but this mens wallet is a modern twist on the classic. This perfectly sized style is called the Amarillo Slim Mens Leather Wallet - sleek, stylish and slim!

Why you should use a Leather Wallet

At Bull Sheath Leather, we pride ourselves on our custom leather wallets.  Handcrafted in Texas, USA by local artisans who put care into each final sale, we do not construct your leather wallet until your place the order. Our handmade leather wallets have timeless appeal with custom monogrammed items available.

Need a way to keep your stuff in order?

Our wallets are made of the highest quality materials. We use only genuine leather, which is why our wallet can withstand years of daily abuse without breaking or tearing. The stitching on our men’s wallet is so strong that it will not fray even after being used for a long time. With 4 card slots and one cash pocket, this wallet can be carried in your front or back pocket. 

Wallet season is upon us

If you're like me, you don't want to carry around anything bulky. If this sounds familiar, then I have the perfect wallet for you! The Amarillo Slim Wallet by Bull Sheath Leather is a sleekly designed slim pocket wallet that will keep all your essentials safe while not making it look like you've packed a brick in your back pocket. 

A Mens Wallet thats Ready for Work

Not only does it have available RFID technology so thieves can't steal your personal information without having to physically touch or be near you, but it also has an extra compartment where you can store bills flat against the leather instead of folded in half which makes them easier to take out when necessary. This high quality wallet gets the job done . . . everyday.

"I Need a New Wallet"

This mens wallet comes with available RFID blocking technology, which prevents thieves from stealing your credit card information when you pay using contactless data payment methods like Apple Pay or Google Pay. It also has enough space to hold all your cards and cash in one place, making it easy for you to find what you need in an instant.

Why you need a RFID Blocking Wallet

Modern day thieves operate unseen at your local gas station, grocery store, or wherever you carry your wallet. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic frequencies to allow devices like keycards and debit cards to be read at a distance.

The problem with RFID: thieves can use wireless card readers to lift your personal information without your knowledge. We have an available RFID Blocking Card that you can place in your wallet to secure your private data.

How to choose the right color

Our leather wallet is available in a variety of colors, such as many shades of brown, black, or olive green; and comes in sizes to fit all style types. The leather bifold will darken over time as your natural oils engrain into the rich, supple leather, forming a beautiful patina that is uniquely your own.

Beware of Cheap Leather Wallets

My momma used to always say "You get what you pay for" and "Buy it right the first time". These mantras definitely hold true when it comes to mens leather wallets.

You need to look into several factors before picking out your wallet. Your choice of Mens Wallet goes beyond aesthetics and style; it is a reflection of your personality. You will want to buy the right mens wallet for you that fits your needs, likes/dislikes, budget, etc.  

Full Grain Leather Wallets are Best

Slim wallets aren't just for the ladies anymore. You can slim down your wallet and still maintain a sense of style with our variety of leather goods. The quality of the leather matters and will make a difference in your experience over time.

You have been looking for a wallet that will stand the test of time, but you just haven't found one yet. There are thousands of different wallets out there and they all claim to be the best, but we truly believe you can end your search here.

Handmade Leather Wallets, Made in the USA

Our mens wallets are handcrafted in the USA from full-grain leathers sourced from around the world. They're built with only premium materials and designed by craftsmen who've been making mens wallets since before we were born. We're confident you'll love your new wallet so much that it will last a lifetime!

How does a Slim Bifold Wallet compare to your Leather wallet

Nothing can compare to the way our wallet feels in your hand as you pull it out of your pocket. We have the best wallet, whether you choose the leather bifold wallet or our mens trifold wallet.

Where is the best place to purchase Slim Wallets?

If you need a replacement for your old wallet or traditional leather bifold wallet, Bull Sheath Leather is your one stop shop for a new wallet. We have slim bifold options, minimalist wallets, and long wallets. We only use top grain leather in our wallets to ensure quality. We also have a ton of different colors and styles so you can pick your favorite.

Do you want to carry everything in one place?

The Amarillo Slim Wallet is the perfect wallet for carrying all your essentials. It’s made from Full Grain Leather and has a classic look that will never go out of style. This leather bifold wallet has space for cash, credit cards, business cards, and debit cards! You can also personalize it with initials or a custom motto so you know this is your own custom wallet.

Custom Wallets for Men

Our unique place in the market to is that we personalize both the outside and inside of your custom wallets for men. We are a one stop shop for custom wallets, allowing our customers to choose from six leather colors – various shades of brown, black, tan and green – so you can find the right color to match your own personality or outfit. By ordering an Amarillo Slim Wallet today, you or your loved one can have a personalized wallets for men.

Are you looking for a Mens Leather Wallet?

The Amarillo Slim Wallets are the perfect mens wallet to carry everything you need. It’s made from Full Grain Leather, so it will last a lifetime. And with our engraving service, this real leather wallet can be personalized just for you!

The best slim wallets on the market today

You don’t have to worry about your cards falling out of place or losing them ever again because we designed this slim bifold wallet with 4 card slots (that can each accommodate 3-4 credit cards) and cash pocket that is easy to access when needed.

Custom Wallets for Every Man

Add on a Custom ID window on the inside of the slim bifold card pockets to make it easy for anyone who needs to see your identification quickly and easily. This is one of those wallets that everyone should own at least once in their life because there isn’t another like it on the market today. Once you use ours, you won't want anything else! Click here right now and get yours today!

Looking for a new back pocket wallet?

If you need a Mens Bifold Wallet that packs a bigger punch, our Big Bend Wallet is a maximalist bifold with wallet features like a bill compartment and card slots to meet your required criteria.

This is the perfect mens wallet to carry everything you need. Made from genuine leather, this real leather wallet is durable and stylish. You can even make it a personalized wallet with your initials or motto!

Leather Bifold with Account Access

Make yours a custom wallet by engraving your initials or personal motto into this real leather wallet. It’s the perfect mens wallet to hold all of your cards, cash, coins and more! And if you want something that feels great in hand while also being able to fit in any pocket – then our Slim Bifold Wallet is just what you need. We guarantee it will be one of the best wallets you ever own! Start designing your very own leather wallet today!

No ordinary leather lined cash pocket

Our design team has come up with a solution for all leather wallet needs. From our max length long wallet for men to our vertical bifold wallet, Bull Sheath Leather has the best wallet for your back pocket.

Ditch your Old Wallet

Unnecessary card slots make your old wallet bulky, to where it barely fits in your back pocket. Bull Sheath Leather mens wallets are made from soft leather that improves over time, as it develops a patina from your natural oils absorbing into the leather goods. Ensuring you'll never want to go back to your old wallet, our slim wallets will keep your cards and cash organized, without skimping on space.

More Resources about Slim Wallets

Best Mens Leather Wallet Guide: The Slim Bifold wallet is a very popular choice among men today. It's smaller size makes it perfect for front pocket carry, and its sleek design enhances your look.

Alternatives if you don't want a slim bifold  

If you like the idea of wallet features in a slim bifold wallet, but feel that you may need extra bulk in you wallet pocket, we have several other wallet choices for everyday use. Our Rio Grande is closest to a traditional bifold wallet, and our Georgetown Gentlemens wallet is a minimalist leather wallet. For a law enforcement wallet, we offer a bifold badge wallet and trifold badge holder wallet.

Finding a cool mens wallet is easy 

We all know that having the right wallet for your needs is important, but it can be hard to find one you love. That's why we designed our product with quality in mind. Our wallets are durable and high-quality so they will last for years to come.

If you're looking for an affordable leather wallet that looks great, then look no further than ours! We have everything from minimalist style to traditional bi-fold designs, plus many more options in our shop.

Caring for your new slim wallet

A wallet is one of the most important things you carry around. It's no wonder that people are always looking for the coolest wallet. There are so many styles, colors and materials to choose from so it can be difficult to find just what you're looking for! Luckily, with our range of wallets made from genuine leathers in classic black or brown, finding your ideal slim bifold is easy as pie! 

Pros and Cons of carrying a thin wallet 

A minimalist wallet that can be carried in your front pocket is literally a weight off your back. If you don't like carrying around bulky leather goods, then check out our minimalist wallet men.

What is the Thinnest Wallet?

Our thinnest wallet is the Pflugerville, which is a thin wallet for men. Here is a list of pros and cons of carrying a thin wallet. Pros include: being able to easily access your cards, cash, and receipts without being weighed down by a heavy burden of a wallet. Cons include: if you need to carry more than six cards in your pockets, you may need more card slots than the thinnest mens wallet.

A Place to Put Your Stuff

There are hundreds of wallets out there, but not all of them can do what our mens wallet can do. We're talking about RFID blocking technology, the ability to hold up to 10 debit card or credit cards comfortably, and can be personalized with a custom engraved motto.  Our Amarillo Slim wallets for men are a great choice and are the perfect size.

Tips on how to pick out the perfect one

With this mens wallet by your side, you'll be able to carry everything that matters without sacrificing style or comfort. Its sleek design will make sure that no one notices your wallet as the most stylish accessory you own. Select a mens wallet that has space for the number of card slots that you will actually need, with one pocket for currency bills.

Finding a leather wallet that fits your style is hard

Our mens wallets are made with premium leather, and our team has spent thousands of hours to find the perfect balance between durability and style. We've put together an awesome video showing how we make our products so you can see for yourself.

Style Meets Durability, Meant to Last

Bull Sheath Leather has been producing quality leather goods for years and wants to give your your new favorite wallet. Our family-owned company is based right here in America, and our wallets are made in Texas from high-quality materials by skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work. Browse through our designs online at to buy durable pieces that will last you a lifetime (or more). Buy American; buy from Bull Sheath Leather!