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Leather Bifold Wallet


Is genuine leather good for wallets?

If you are looking for a men's leather wallet with plenty of card slots for your cash and ID cards, the industry material standard is a bifold wallet made with genuine leather because of its durability in wallets for men.

How long does a genuine leather wallet last?

From the time of your purchase, a men's leather wallet will improve with age. Because it is made from genuine cow hide, it will evolve and change over time as it absorbs the natural oils from your hands and softens to the feel of your skin. Over time, as you put it in and out of your pocket, our wallets will stretch to your use.

Men's leather wallets to withstand everyday use

The leather bifold wallets on our web site are all handmade wallets that provide functionality, durability and design. The best leather wallets contain elegant features and offer additional security through RFID data blocking cards while serving as bold stylish statements.

What to look for in a leather wallet

We sell our top leather wallets every day on our site, and they will fit perfectly into your life, as well as your back pocket. A men's leather wallet is an essential item we have in our pockets every day and it's important to have leather bifold wallets that can endure the test of time, especially if it gets exposed to everyday wear and tear.

For many men the best bifold leather wallet is a real leather wallet, and we sell genuine leather wallets online at a price that reflects its handmade craftsmanship. If you want an affordable men's bifold wallet that looks good every day of the week, our real leather wallets are the key brand you are looking for this Christmas.

The Trifold Leather Wallet - an accessory every man needs

If you are shopping for a new wallet, you may want to purchase our men's trifold wallet. With enough space to hold ID cards, a cash pocket for your bills, and card slots for all of your credit and debit cards, a trifold wallet holds your stuff while making you look even more handsome.

Our Top Men's Leather Wallet

Our recommendation for our favorite is our Slim Front Pocket Wallet, the Pflugerville. Named after a charming Texas town with a funny name, this style will grace your front pocket without weighing you down.

Tried and True Tips to Pick the Perfect Bifold Wallet

Our best wallets are made from full grain vegetable tanned leather. We use the best materials to make the highest-quality products for you, so you can enjoy it for many years to come!

If you stick to country roots, we stand with you

For the man with a country flair, we offer stylish western wallets for men. We have multiple styles, such as a Rodeo Wallet, western bifold wallet, Western trifold wallet, and a vertical bifold wallet. Our wallets for men can be purchased in six different colors, so you're sure to find a combination on our site that suits your fancy.

What is the best mens leather wallet?

The best wallet is one that meet your needs, giving you enough space for all of your stuff, such as your credit cards and debit cards. It should not be too bulky or unwieldy. If you want a slim wallet, then there are plenty available but if you like your wallets to hold as much as possible without weighing you down, then there is also a good selection of those available for purchase.

Which brand of leather wallets are the best?

For the best men's bifold wallet we can find, we need to consider what we hold in our back pockets on a daily basis. Bull Sheath Leather offers a variety of sizes in our bifold wallets. Check out the options on our site; you are sure to find a handcrafted new wallet just for you. We only use the best material, full grain vegetable tan leather.

Where to buy leather bifold wallets

For the minimalist, our custom leather bifold wallet is our Georgetown Gentlemens wallet, which truly is a minimalist take on the leather bifold. It has just enough space for a few cards and folded dollar bills as well as an ID window for your drivers license. It can fit perfectly in your front pocket of your jeans and feature soft leather with easy access to all you need to carry.

What is a bifold wallet?

If you are looking for a full grain leather wallet that can hold cash in bill pockets, but still have a few card slots to store debit cards and credit cards, you may find the handsome Amarillo Slim Bifold Wallet to be just the wallet you search for.

How to choose a genuine leather bifold wallet

If you prefer leather bifold wallets with a little bit of extra space, then you may want to upgrade to our best bifold wallet, the Rio Grande. By adding two vertical bifold wallet pockets to this wallet, it allows you to fill your pockets with more of the stuff you need. Each wallet is handcrafted for you when it's ordered, allowing you to select a custom ID holder if you would like, as well as customizing your leather wallet with engraved initials to make it your own.

What makes a great bifold wallet?

Our ultimate bifold wallets for men are the Big Bend Wallet. With a ong cash pocket in back, six horizontal card slots (that can each carry 3 to 4 cards), in addition to two vertical pockets in this wallet, it is sure to have all the features that you need for life.

Who makes quality handmade wallets?

Quality leather makes a difference in our handmade wallets. Your new wallet will feel great in your hands and will only improve with time. To make a top quality leather bifold wallet, we start by carefully selecting each piece of hide to ensure that we use only the best available. Our wallets are then sewn and molded into shape using time proven patterns and techniques.

How much do the best wallets cost?

If you're interested in seeing our custom made wallets for yourself, please search our store, the combinations that you can select for your stylish wallet are almost to endless. The best wallets are worth the price, especially when considering handmade leather wallets.

Consider buying a handmade leather wallet for a special occasion

We have customers buy wallets for Christmas gifts, birthdays, graduations, and even wedding days. Having a personalized wallet with a family motto or a wedding date inscribed make it a truly personalized gift for him.

Buyers guide for the best bifold wallets

People who are looking for genuine leather wallets have a strong desire to own a wallet they can rely on. Not all men's bifold wallets are alike, however - some will be more handmade than others. In order to find the best genuine leather wallet you'll want to consider things such as craftsmanship and style, just to name a few factors.

What is the best style of leather bifold wallets?

There is a wide variety of styles of leather while it's available, whether you favor a minimalist wallet for every day carry, or want a long wallet with plenty of pockets to store all of your credit cards and debit cards, we've got a style to please everyone. If you are shopping for a minimalist wallet that is full of functionality, our slim wallets for men are worth taking a second look.

When you're shopping for a Genuine Cowhide Leather Wallet

We carry over 20 styles of wallets, available in six different colors. We also offer men's western wallet styles in many of our men's wallets. We have the best genuine leather from American tanneries, hand selected for its suppleness and durability.

Top things to look for when buying a quality leather wallet

When selecting a wallet that you will wear every day, you want to avoid a bulky back pocket wallet. If you wear pants that fit tight in the back pocket, an oversized wallet may make it uncomfortable to sit. You'd be surprised at how many men (and women) suffer from strained and pinched nerves over time because of poorly designed wallets.

The strength of any leather product is in its stitching and edge finishing. We finish our edges with quality burnishing, each handmade leather wallet is crafted specifically for you.

Handmade leather wallets for men

Our leather bifold wallet is exactly what you are looking for when you want to give the best wallets. Although at first glance it looks similar to a traditional men's wallet, it is made out of the best genuine cowhide leather and has the ability to be customized with his initials on the outside and an engraved personal motto on the inside. This allows your bifold wallet to be a custom wallet, one that he will enjoy for many years to come.  If you're looking for something a little larger, we also offer the best trifold wallet for men, available with an ID holder and RFID protection. 

A Men's Bifold Wallet - The Latest Trends

We offer the best leather bifold wallets for men on our site. You don't need to spend hours looking through all of them: we've done that work for you! Our mens bifold wallets are made out of genuine cowhide leather, which means it's durable and long-lasting.

How to search out the Best Deals

The outside will improve with age, even if your man uses his wallet every day. It can also have a personal motto engraved on the inside so he can carry his values with him wherever he goes. If this sounds like exactly what you're looking for in a bifold wallet, check out our men's leather bifold wallets!

Proud to carry a masterpiece

We specialize in modern leather bifold wallets with a timeless style. Each piece is handcrafted in Texas by our local leather artisans. Your wallet will last a lifetime, create its own unique patina, and comes with a "No Bull" lifetime warranty against artisan defect.  Each of our leather bifold wallets is made by hand in our Texas studio, by artisans to care about the finished product and want you to be proud to carry a Bull Sheath Leather wallet.

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