Badge Wallets for Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Custom Badge Wallets Handmade in the USA

You can probably remember getting your cop badge like it was yesterday. 

Hearing your name called out at the ceremony, before nervously walking across the stage. Your loved ones beaming with ear-to-ear smiles as they proudly witness you becoming an officer. 

The chief handing over your papers before inviting a family member to ‘pin the badge’ on your squeaky clean, freshly pressed uniform. What pride you felt at joining a 185-year-old service reputed the world over.

Yup, that police badge is a big deal. All the responsibility, tradition, and honor of being a cop represented in that beautiful, gleaming brass shield. 


It stands to reason that you would want to treat something so special with the dignity, care, and respect it deserves. 

Your shield means too much to be consigned to a cheap wallet. In the same way a special photo deserves a beautiful frame, your badge has earned the right to a unique police badge wallet.

That's why we created the Bull Sheath Leather badge wallet. We have a deep affection for our cops, firefighters, Federal Agents, paramedics… Or anyone who wears a badge in the name of duty. 

We also happen to know a thing or two about crafting fine-quality wallets. So, we used our expertise to design a beautiful, fine-quality leather police badge wallet just for our nation's finest, fuelled by our admiration for officers everywhere.


Our selection of police badge wallets consists of four options for you to choose from: our popular bifold and trifold police badge wallet, the Mini-Max, and the long wallet version of both.

Each wallet is designed to store ample amounts of cash, cards, and coins, while proudly displaying your badge on the inner fold, and if you need a personalized wallet or a custom recess, we've got you covered there, also. 

Make this wallet truly yours by adding a touch of personality with a custom badge wallet, starting with the color of your choice, from olive green and traditional chestnut brown to a darker espresso brown and more. 

Add your initials on the corner or maybe a favorite saying on the inside. Some officers like to have their badge number alongside their initials, while others go for a Bible verse, a favorite cop movie quote, or a song lyric.

If you're gifting a wallet to a loved one, this is your chance to create something really special, memorable, and heartfelt, with a personal message engraved on the inside fold of your unique, custom badge wallet.

Just reach out and let us know what you want!


We created America's finest leather Bifold badge holder wallet, perfect for cops who prefer not to wear their badges on their belts. This is a great option for detectives who rarely carry their badges - or for professions like security where display isn't strictly necessary. 

Crafted from durable full-grain leather, our bifold wallet fits six to eight credit cards and has plenty of room for cash in the billfold section. 

We also offer personalized customization for this wallet – from crafting your unique sheriff badge to adding a designer ID holder and name tag or even attaching it to a lanyard upon request.

Also available as a long wallet for a little extra room.


Functionality meets spacious design with the Bull Sheath Leather trifold police badge wallet, tailored especially for larger shields. This stunning wallet offers an optional custom recessed cutout so your badge fits perfectly. 

It’s more than capable of holding lots of cash, cards, receipts, and other essentials. We've also doubled down on the wallet's durability by replacing the suede flap with a flap made entirely of 100% full-grain leather. 

The Trifold is also available in the slightly roomier long wallet version.


Grab your perfect badge wallet with Bull Sheath’s Mini-Max police badge wallet, designed to fit seamlessly with your current or new duty belt - meticulously handcrafted to shield your ID and credit cards.

Our custom leather wallet adapts to your working style and, over time, shapes itself to your specific needs. 

For a minimalist approach, our tactical wallet can include a badge slot and even accommodate tag holders on lanyards. For further customization, just reach out to us, and we can make it happen! 


Don't be deceived by the price. Just because our police badge wallets are affordable, the quality of leather and craftsmanship certainly isn't budget. 

Through our long-standing ties with some of the finest ranches and tanneries in Texas, we source only local, full-grain Texan leather at a reasonable price, and as a family-owned and operated business, we can keep those prices healthy.

What separates an average wallet from a premium American-made wallet? Apart from the craftsmanship and traditional tooling we employ in our Texas studio, it is the best Veg-Tanned Harness Leather from a USA tannery with 150 years of experience that makes our wallets unique.

What's more, every police badge wallet leaving our workshop is cut, sewn, chiseled, and stamped by our own skilled hand. 

Premium American-made leather, built to withstand any challenge… that's what a Bull Sheath cop badge wallet guarantees!


Our customers are frequently surprised by the level of quality and detail, despite the low price. We are often told we could easily sell our beautiful police badge wallets for double or triple the price.

In fact, it was the officers themselves who helped us craft our products over the years by reviewing our wallets and making subtle suggestions here and there to improve them. The result? The perfect cop badge wallet!


We even offer a 100-year No-Bull guarantee to cement this claim. 

Why buy an inferior quality police badge wallet that's going to fall apart under questioning when you can have the finest quality cop badge wallet in America, starting at just $30?

You read that correctly. Our police badge wallets are on special offer at the moment - for a limited time - at an insane price. Make the most of this special offer and grab one while you can - your shield deserves it!


Your badge is the most unique, special, honorary part of a police officer's uniform. The sheer weight of power, trust, and responsibility that comes with it are immense. It symbolizes your duty to serve and protect, uphold the law, fight crime, and protect those who need your help.

Join thousands of other officers all over the country who now proudly display their shield in a Bull Sheath police badge wallet, and take advantage of this incredibly generous special offer while you can!

This is the real deal, folks. Anyone can claim “fine quality leather,” but with Bull Sheath Leather, that's exactly what you are getting!

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