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5 Best Vertical Card Wallet Designs

A vertical wallet is designed for horizontal use. The card slots cover the bottom and top of the inside, while cash slot matches this orientation. A wallet is typically designed to open horizontally, and all or some of the cards are kept in front of a top.

Vertical wallets can house a few or many cards in the card pockets without needing a money clip. One of the features is that the outside is made of a solid leather piece which can be monogramed. In some cases, the wallet is designed in such a way that it accommodates eight to ten cards at once in addition to cash. Such designs are typically foldable and compact enough for being carried inside your front or back pocket.

The Tyler | Vertical Wallet

A simple, clean-cut vertical bifold wallet featuring four card slots and two hideable pockets in a variety of leather colors to choose from. Each wallet is packed in such a way that you will believe that you have just received a gift box just for you you. To add customization to the wallet just head to our site to go shopping, select the drop-down for monogram or special note, click cart add, and then purchase the wallet.

Vertical Card Wallet

If you are searching for a Vertical Card Wallet that opens up to reveal card storage and cash storage, then this Vertical Card Wallet could be the one. It is made out of real vegetable-tanned leather which has been handmade in the USA. The wallet comes with four slots for cards, and two integrated pockets for cash and receipts. The Vertical Card Wallet can carry up to 8+ credit cards.

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