Mini Max Badge Wallet

Mini Max Badge Wallet

Minimalist Badge Wallet to Protect Your Badge

When you need a police badge holder to hold your law enforcement badge, the best you can look for is a genuine leather badge wallet. Law enforcement professionals have to carry their badge and ID card with them, all the time.

Badge Wallets – What You Need to Know?

Badge wallets are made from genuine leather because it's a very tough material that can take a lot of beating and still remain in one piece. You can also get and ID pocket added to some of our badge wallets for an extra pocket that can cover your badge if you need to keep it concealed.

What to Look for When Buying Badge Wallets

A badge holder wallet can be of great help to a law enforcement officer in securing these valuables from getting worn out or lost. It's important to protect your badge, ID card because you will need them anytime you go to work.

Tips to make sure your badge holder is genuine leather

Genuine leather wallets are durable enough to withstand the demands of daily duty use by police officers because they are made with tough material that can take a beating. Police tactical gear is designed to be functional and less flashy compared to the gear used by military personnel.

Emergency Use for Law Enforcement

Most badges are given by law enforcement departments to demonstrate an officer's identity. Your shield is identification, and its the officer's duty to keep it from getting misplaced or damaged. In the event of an immediate need to show your police status, there is no other better way than showing your badge wallet.

Buying your Badge Wallet

When quality matters, you'll find that its best to upgrade your badge wallet to include a recessed cutout that matches the shape of your shield. This means you'll have the convenience of keeping your card concealed, even when its time to show your badge for identification purposes.

Badge Wallet - Show them you Mean Business

When looking for a badge wallet that will protect your police ID or any other ID, look no further than here at Bull Sheath Leather. You'll find we have the features you search for in many categories. If you want a personalized wallet for your law enforcement badge, we have a design your own badge wallet option. You can also get an engraved badge wallet from us, if you're interested.

Custom Badge Holder Wallet – Show Off Your Unique Style

In this case of police badge holder, it seemed the lack of pockets was more than made up for by the inclusion of a photo ID pocket on the back. Our badge wallet holders can carry cash and have card slots of your license, debit and credit cards or even business cards.

Top 5 Leather Badge Holders

You'll find that Bull Sheath Leather has badge holders of all sizes. We have a minimalist badge holder, a Bifold Badge Wallet to carry your credentials, and even a Trifold Badge Wallet for those carrying a lot of stuff in card slots as well as money in their wallet, its the perfect wallet. For the law enforcement officer who wants to carry a few more cards for a better experience, we suggest our Mini Max wallet, the police badge holder.

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Badge Holder Wallet

Law enforcement has a special place in our society. Here at Bull Sheath Leather, we salute all law enforcement officers and thank each of you who wear the badge. If you are looking to purchase a gift of leather wallets, we make a great badge wallet with available recessed cutout.

How to organize your badge holder wallet

Depending on if you use your badge wallet as your daily mens leather wallet or if you have a separate slim leather wallet, we can help you have a badge wallet that will hold not only your identity, but your style and personal card slots as well.

What to consider when buying a badge wallet

You need to consider how the shape of your wallet will fit in your pocket. A Badge wallet is important for the law enforcement officer to be able to grab quickly, and needs to be worn where it will fit in your clothing.

What to look for when purchasing a police badge holder

When your badge wallet needs to hold more than the standard police ID, consider carrying a badge holder wallet that has two pockets. This way you can keep your license in one pocket and other cards in the other pocket, to make it easier for you when you are looking for something specific inside your badge wallet.

Top Things You Didn't Know About Police Badges

If you search our site, you'll find we have more than just the police badge wallets you might want to carry your badge in. You can find our Bifold Badge Holder which has a card slot and a place for ID, or our Minimax Wallet with recessed cutout that is perfect for even the most discerning law enforcement officer.

How to choose the best badge holder for you

Whether you want to purchase a gift of a badge wallet or are buying a police wallet for yourself, you'll find a wide selection of categories in our shop. We have features available including an available recessed cutout that will match the shape of your police badge, the ability to add personalization of an engraved wallet, and some badge wallets offer an additional ID card holders.

Leather Wallets that Stand the test of time

As you search our shop for leather wallets, you'll find that we have the best wallets for men. If you are looking for a slim leather wallet or a badge wallet, you'll find that we have the best minimalist wallet. We have exclusive offers of fast shipping and we sell only handmade leather wallets.

What you need to know about the badge wallets

If you want to show your love and support for law enforcement, consider purchasing a badge wallet that has been made with attention to detail and the highest level of craftsmanship. You'll find that we have a wide selection from which to choose and we value. your business.