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Custom Wallets for Men

Custom wallets are a great way to show your affection for those you care about. With custom engraved gifts for him you will be able to let the special man in your life know how much he needs to you

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Custom Wallets | Custom Leather Wallets | Personalized Wallet for Men

At Bull Sheath Leather, getting a custom leather wallet is easy.  Our custom wallets offer engraved initials, an engraved personalized message, and  a variety of additional options you can add on.

Our custom wallets for men make the perfect gift. Whether you like a minimalist wallet, bifold wallets, or even a long wallet, our specialty is personalized wallets. We use full grain leather, always giving your card slots for your credit cards, and then let you add a personal touch.  

Custom Wallets and Custom Leather Wallets

Ever think that owning a custom wallet is out of reach?  

At Bull Sheath Leather, we make owning a custom wallet for men a possibility for everyone. Whether you prefer a minimalist walleta traditional bifold, or a long wallet with lots of pockets, we have the custom wallet for you. 

Our seasoned craftsmen personally oversee the design, starting with the highest quality genuine leather, available in a variety of colors. Full of natural variations from the hide of the cow, and a soft, supple feel, we start with quality, and use a process that will end in a quality custom wallet.


Quality Leather Wallet

Our motto is #carryquality , because we stand by the craftsmanship of our full grain leather wallets, and the quality of our product is evident in a leather wallet that you will be proud to carry. You can personalize your leather wallet at in a variety of ways. 

Our leather artisans begin with the highest quality full grain leather, selecting the best cowhide for your custom wallet. Crafted with care, your genuine leather wallet will last a lifetime, or until you are ready to buy a new one from Bull Sheath Leather.

You can personalize your custom leather wallet with engraved initials on the outside, or with your name. We offer this personalization in a variety of fonts and styles, so that you can have a men’s wallet with your name engraved. We can also engrave the brand of your company or ranch or on the outside of your custom leather wallet. 


Your leather wallet will arrive soft and supple, but will 'age' over time. This aging is referred to as the patina of the leather work, and will give soften it over time. The color will darken as well, as the natural oil from your hand absorbs into the genuine leather.

Initially, the card slots in your wallet will be tight, but the leather will loosen over time as it stretches to accommodate its use. This is another way that your custom wallet becomes uniquely your own. Our custom made wallets will bring you years of enjoyment.

Below is the infographic that is our 'menu' for custom engraving for your wallet. You can select the font, the style, and even the words that are engraved into the wallet to make it a personalized gift for him that he will treasure.


If you ever have any questions about customization, please email the main page. We are here to serve you and want you to be our biggest fan. Having your own engraved wallet will make you never want a store bought wallet again!


Custom Engraved Message in Your Wallet

We engrave your custom, personalized memo for your loved one, or for yourself, into your custom leather wallet, making the perfect gift for men. We have engraved everything from “We love you, Dad”, to complete poems, and all kinds of inspirational messages. This custom message makes your wallet unique, and a gift that will be treasured for decades.  


Bull Sheath Leather gives you the option of where to place the engraved message inside your custom wallet, and we cut-and-paste your message exactly as you type it (please proofread, we don’t change your grammar!). We can place it on top of a card slot, or in a flap in your wallet.


Custom ID Holder in Your Wallet

In many of the leather wallet designs at Bull Sheath Leather, we offer the add-on of a custom ID holder to your wallet. It typically is an extra flap that allows you to have a window for your Drivers License or Photo ID. For the man who loves to have options and add-ons, we offer that for your custom wallet. 

By adding the custom ID Holder, which is an $18 option available on most of our custom wallets, it adds an additional open window for your ID, and provides a cover flap for cards that you may want to conceal behind it for your privacy.


Security for your Custom Wallet

Concerned about your personal information?  We offer a custom RFID protection card for your wallet. In a technological age where someone can “lift” your credit card info via radio waves, an RFID card will block thieves who want to steal your credit card info from your wallet without your knowledge.

Made with the latest technology, our customized RFID block radio frequency waves to prevent your credit cards from being scanned. They also Block NFC waves; disrupting the signals that allow thieves to 'lift' this information invisibly from your wallet.


Design your own Custom Wallet

Like the style of Bull Sheath Leather wallets, but want to add something or design something new? Email the main page for a custom wallet quote; prices vary based upon complexity.  We have added engraved images of someone's chicken coop, a custom design blend of combining a ranch's brand and someone's initials, and we have the ability to engrave whatever words or designs your mind can create.

We have the best full grain leather, and the ability to engrave it with a personalized message that will let your loved one know what you mean to them, and remind them every day when they open their wallet.

We want you to love your custom wallet from Bull Sheath Leather.  We give you a variety of ways to do that . . . .the possibilities are endless.