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What is a money clip wallet and why should I get one?

Minimalist wallets have grown in popularity in recent years, and the best minimalist wallet is a money clip wallet. With easy access to cash, and slim card slots for credit cards, these money clips are made for minimalists looking to keep it simple.

How to use a new money clip wallet

Many men put their money into their front pocket wallets with money clips or just use one money clip that holds everything together inside their pocket. Money clip wallets are secure and reliable when holding your cash, and keep your cards safe as well

Why you need a front pocket wallet your life now

Traditional wallets used to be the stylish wallet, but now more men are using a slim wallet with stainless steel money clip. Money clip wallets are convenient and stylish. Money clips also make a great gift for someone who is difficult to buy a gift for.

RFID Protection with RFID Blocking Technology

But what if someone steals my card data or it gets lost or stolen? Protect your personal information with our add-on RFID Blocking technology cards. This technology prevents the cards from being scanned and protects your personal data. You can also use it as a convenient place to store one of your business cards,

Great wallet with Money Clip Inside

It's a great wallet with a money clip to hold for money and cards. This Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet is made from high quality leather. The Money Clip Wallet is where you'll find all of your cash. It not only holds your most important cards but also has space for emergency cash - just in case!

The world of mens wallets is changing 

Our leather wallet with money clip is available in several different colors, such as black, dark brown, light brown, and olive green. You can make your money clip wallet a custom wallet by having initials engraved in the bottom right corner. Money

Who needs cash anymore ?

There are lots of situations that require 'cash only'. Money clips are easy to carry around and provide a place for a few bills for when these situation come up. It is also important to always have a credit card holder or credit card slots. However, there are situations where cash is not an option. Many people have been switching from a traditional wallet that holds cash and credit cards to money clip wallets that hold just credit cards.

Money clip front pocket wallet

The money clip wallet is the best minimalist wallet because it can hold large bills, folding them in half to fit into a tight space. It also has the ability of holding several different debit/credit cards which makes it easier for daily use or travel abroad.

Slim Wallet for Men with Metal Money Clip

Money clips are often made of metal so they are typically durable enough to last many years of constant everyday use without falling apart. Money clips also don't take up much room in your pocket due to their slim profile design.

Why use a money clip instead of a traditional wallet?

Money clip wallets allow men to keep their cash and cards together in one easy place. Money clips are great for those who go out with friends on the weekends or those who simply need quick access to their cash. It is easy to slide into your back pocket or front pants pocket without any bulkiness or obstruction.

How to choose front pocket wallet features for you

Money clips made from metal or other materials can be tough or sharp, but our leather money clip wallet has smooth leather and provides a comfortable way for you to carry around your cash and credit cards all in one place.

Where can I buy money clip wallets

Bull Sheath Leather offers several money clip wallets, such as The Austin, our Slim Money Clip Wallet. When it comes to your everyday carry, you deserve the best money clip wallet. The Keller is an open style money clip wallet made with high quality leather.

Why you should carry a slim wallet

Men like to stay light on their feet these days. We've found that our slip wallet with metal money clip has wallet features that appeal to many men. With credit card slots and sleek style, this mens wallet will be the talk of the town

Lightweight Wallet care and maintenance

Money clips are typically made of metal so they are typically durable enough to last many years of constant everyday use without falling apart. However, the full grain leather may need to be moisturized from time to time with leather balm to keep the cowhide supple.

What to look for in the best money clip wallets

The money clip wallet is a great way to store your cash, credit cards and ID. Be sure to find one that has enough space for all your cards and IDs while also fitting comfortably in your pocket. If you're looking for something durable, then try our stainless steel money clip wallet.

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