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Handmade Money Clip
Mens Money Clip
Money Clip - The Keller - Green
Money Clip - The Keller - Green

Money Clip - The Keller - Green

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Minimalist wallets are great for keeping things simple, but sometimes you need to carry more than just a few cards and some cash.

Most money clip wallets only hold up to 2 or 3 cards, which is fine if you’re going out for the night. But what about when you have to take your ID with you on a daily basis? How do you fit that into your minimalist wallet?

This front pocket wallet with money clip can hold up to 6 credit cards plus cash in our designer money clip. It has everything that a traditional front pocket wallet does - in addition it also has an external money clip for cash and 2 internal slots for credit card storage. No one will ever know this slim leather wallet holds so much!