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What is the most popular western wallet?

There is something that stands out about a tall wallet, when the top of your wallet sticks out of your pockets for easy access and as a style statement. For a handcrafted wallet that you use every day to carry your cash and credit cards, remember that the details matter. Our mens western wallet, the Houstonian, is a long leather wallet that is made from the best materials and will give you pride of use for years to come.

Best mens Long wallets guide

If you like the look of a tall wallet, we have several to choose from. We have a western wallet version, which features a leather medallion for a western flair. We also have a traditional flat front men's leather long wallet, which is just a plain Houstonian. Either way, you can't go wrong with our tall wallet, which comes with several choices of color. Whatever you like, whether it be a black wallet, a tan wallet or even a green leather wallet, we have several categories to choose from.

What is the best men’s leather wallet?

Our tall wallet is the perfect place to stash your cash, as well as whole business cards, debit or credit cards, as well as loose change or even a checkbook. Each long leather wallet in our store has fast shipping, but his handmade at the time you order it. Bull Sheath Leather also offers several customization options, including engraved initials on the front of your wallet, or an engraved message on the inside of your wallet. We also offer or RFID blocking technology cards to keep your personal data secure. Remember to click on our our Instagram or Facebook to see different fonts available as well as ways that we make custom wallets on our site. You can email us for fast results and search our store for products at the right price.

What are men’s long wallets called?

A long wallet for men has many popular names. So I may know the style as a tall wallet, while others may search for a cowboy wallet or even a rodeo wallet. An iconic long men's wallet is one that sticks out of the back pocket of men's wrangler jeans, and everyone knows the motto "wrangler butts drive me nuts." The only thing that can top off that image is pockets that are full of a mens western wallet from Bull Sheath Leather.

What is the difference between a billfold and a long bifold wallet?

A Mens bifold wallet is usually short and wide, and will typically fit into pockets sideways. This is the traditional dad wallet that sellers have so many of. A tall wallet, or rodeo wallet, is a long bifold wallet, which folds horizontally and makes a tall vertical profile, which can fit into back pockets and is the full length of a checkbook. Many men prefer the simplicity for easy access to items. It really comes down to a matter of which size you prefer.

Are long wallets better?

Each of our wallets is designed with you in mind, and with the opportunity to personalize each wallet it is a blank canvas for what you desire. You'll find that our price is reasonable because we offer fast shipping, Full grain leather wallets in a variety of size available, and the ability to order when you are ready.

What are rodeo wallets?

If you are a man who prefers the sunset to the city lights, you'll find that are tall wallet, or cowboy wallets that the lifestyle that you love they give you a little bit more elbow room, as well as room to pull your wallet from your back pockets. A mens tall wallet is a great way to carry your cash, cards and more in a safe manner. We offer several options for customization of mens leather wallets on our website.

Do you have a western wallet?

Your cowboy wallet or mens tall wallet is a perfect way to keep all the important items that you carry with you. Our tall wallet is made from the best materials, full grain leather that will improve with age. We select the best leather from the finest tanneries in America, and each wallet is handmade in our Texas, USA studio with your order in mind.

What are tall wallets called?

We take pride in our long wallets, which are sometimes called a tall wallet or a western long wallet. They are a great size for your back pocket and will ad levels to your coolness factor. Our currency is the US dollar, and if you want to carry cash in your mens leather wallet, you'll find that we have the best categories at https : // bullsheathleather.com

Timeless design for cowboy wallets

A tall wallet is the best designed wallet to hold your cash, and without exception, your checkbook and credit cards. For the man on the go, our mens long wallets are the best categories of mens accessories that you will treasure every day. Our price is maintained because we save on advertising to bring. you the best materials in our store. If you are looking for a tall wallet that will ship fast, our products are the rights things.

Mens Tall wallet for Back Pockets

If you are looking for a pocket piece that will ship quick and be in the best color materials, we have designed a mens leather long wallet that will form your pocket and be a sign to all of your size and stature. Make your self at home in our store and you can email us with any questions, we will be happy to help!

What are bifold wallet men's?

If you like the look of a vertical wallet, but think that a mens bifold wallet may fit in your pockets better, consider the our mens western bifold wallet or our various categories of mens bifold wallets. The Rio Grande is considered our best bifold wallet, because its designed to be slim in size, but big enough to hold all needed items such as cash and credit cards.

Western mens wallets

The mens cowboy wallet is the best mens accessory that you can find to carry your cash and cards, along with all of your mens accessories. Our mens western bifold wallet is handcrafted here in America with the finest long lasting materials, and will improve with age as the genuine leather develops a patina from your hand's natural oils.

Mens Wallet Product Categories

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