What To Look For When Buying a Bifold Wallet

You want a leather bifold wallet that's beautiful, functional, and made with the best quality materials. Shop our Billfold Wallets and you'll find a sturdy design that can hold everything you need and more. From debit cards to credit cards, or loads of cash, we offer the perfect wallet for your everyday needs!

How to choose a Billfold Wallet Men's

If you're looking for a high-quality leather billfold, then you've come to the right place. Our selection offers styles and colors to suit any taste or preference, so you can find an accessory that will be perfect for your lifestyle.

A new wallet with enough space

There are plenty of choices out there but none like ours. Our leather bifold wallet is crafted from the highest quality leathers and comes in a variety of colors to match your style.

Choose a Quality Men's Bifold Wallet

Leather Wallet, Bifold Wallet Mens

You want a leather wallet that is both functional and stylish. Unlike other men's wallets, Bull Sheath Leather uses only the best quality full grain leather to make their products. This means you can carry your money and cards in a leather wallet without worrying about it falling apart. 


The 5 Best Leather Bifold Wallets

In our shop, we have exclusive offers of leather bifold wallets in a variety of sizes. In order from largest to minimalist, on our site we have the Big Bend, the Rio Grande mens leather bifold wallets, the Lone Star Vertical bifold wallet, the Tyler vertical wallet, and then the minimalist bifold wallet, the Georgetown Gentlemen's wallet.

What To Look For When Buying Leather Bifold Wallets

It's time to upgrade your wallet! Bull Sheath Leather wallets are the perfect way to keep everything you need neatly organized in one place. Our bifold leather wallet has multiple pockets for cash, credit cards, business cards, and a Driver's License.

A Men's Wallet that is Large and in Charge

Our Biggest Bifold Wallet, the Big Bend, has all the pockets and card slots you will ever need, as well as a full length currency cash pocket. It has six card slots for credit and debit cards, in addition to 2 vertical interior card slots.

Our Most Popular Men's Bifold Wallet

Men's Bifold Wallet

The best wallet mens brand in our shop is the Rio Grande men's bifold wallet. It has six card slots (4 horizontal and 2 vertical wallet pockets). With a traditional cash pocket and available RFID blocking technology, this wallet is perfect for any man's lifestyle.

The Best Bifold Wallet For You

If you are looking for a slim wallet, consider the Tyler Vertical wallet. With two card slots on each side and 2 pockets for folded cash and business cards, this is ideal for the minimalist man who wants to keep it simple.

Personalize His New Bifold Wallet

Bull Sheath Leather men’s billfold wallet collection includes traditional bifolds, minimalist bifold, and several leather bifold wallets in black and several shades of brown. No matter what kind of style you search for, we have the perfect design for you. If you are interested in money clips, we can accommodate these features as well.

Custom Wallets Options

Personalized Wallet, Custom Wallets

Our men's billfolds come in a variety of styles to fit your life perfectly! We want our customers to be proud to show off their new wallet so we offer a personalized wallet.

We pay attention to the details, and offer custom wallets with monogrammed initials or a personalized wallet motto on the interior. You can also add a custom ID window to many of our leather bifold wallets.

Upgrade your Pockets Personal Style

Make it easy on yourself by upgrading from an old worn out billfold wallet to a stylish new Bull Sheath Leather wallet today! Shop now and see how much easier life becomes when you don't have to worry about losing important things like cash, credit cards or your ID anymore!

How to Spot Fake Leather

We offer the best full grain leather on our site, and when you are shopping for the wallet that fits your personal style, you want quality and durability. All of our leather products are handmade, with superior workmanship and expert stitching skills throughout the process.

Top most usable wallets

Our Men's Billfold Wallet Is Classy and Functional. Shop from our collection of mens billfold wallets at Bull Sheath Leather. Search through our wide variety today to find something that suits your needs!

Billfolds and Bifolds Explained

First, let’s get our terminology straight. Billfolds and Bifolds are essentially have the same type of wallet features. They have compartments with multiple pockets for all your needs, including one or more compartments for cash bills, credit cards/ID cards, and RFID blocking technology for security.

Top Best Mens Bifold Wallet Reviews

A perfect gift for him is our Slim Bifold Wallet, the Amarillo Slim Wallet. This is a less bulky option that you can still fill with essentials, but stay sleek and pull it out at his convenience. Get a bi-fold wallet with an ID window to help you stay organized and in contact with all you carry.

Top Billfolds for Men

The Bifold Leather Wallet is a perfect gift for this holiday season! It has the best quality, stylish design and quality guarantee that makes it easy to love. You can't go wrong with leather wallets for men, especially if you are looking for something simple to make this gift stand out.

What to include in your wallet, and what not to

Designed for easy access to pay with your cards, cash and IDs while keeping them secure at the same time, our add-on ID window will keep your necessary items organize. We have been making fine leather goods for years, so you can be sure that we know how to make a great product.

Join us for easy Shopping on our Site

Bull Sheath Leather is proud to offer our entire collection of mens billfold wallets online so you can choose exactly what you need without having to leave home! Just browse through our selection today and find the perfect one for you!

Is RFID blocking necessary?

Consider whether you want RFID protection - this will keep your personal information safe from thieves who use scanners to steal your personal information from being stolen wirelessly by thieves with scanners at stores or gas stations who can get all your credit card info without even touching you.

What are Nice Wallets for Men?

Consider the style of your wallet - are you looking for something that is more formal or casual. Then you can determine how many cards and cash you need to carry with you on a regular basis.  Our genuine leather would best suit your needs: it is durable and softens over time.

What is the best type of material for leather bifold wallets?

Consider the material of the wallet: Leather bifolds are typically more expensive, but last longer than other types of materials. If you are shopping for a gift to fill their stocking, search our store to see all of our exclusive offers of items for men.

Determining Excellence in Leather Working

Billfold Wallet Mens, Bifold Wallet Leather

Look for durable stitching and quality construction before buying a leather bifold wallet. These are the details to search for when shopping the latest trends and features. Avoid choosing too many slots if you don't want to carry around extra bulk in your pockets.  Make sure that any money clips wallet has secure card slots so you can access cards as well.

Should I get an RFID-blocking card for my wallet?

To protect from RFID scanners, add on an RFID blocking card at check out. Our exclusive cards protect your credit information from being stolen by RFID scanners. A good way to ensure that your data is shielded is to carry an RFID blocking card to protect your credit cards and IDs.

What are the best selling wallets for men?

Some of our most popular wallets have an id window available so you can easily take out your ID when it is needed and add an extra card pocket. We have the coolest wallet for your money and they are only available online.

Quality at an affordable price

Features that make our mens bifold wallet stand out from others you've seen before is the craftsmanship. Our Men's wallet is made by skilled artisans in our Texas studio, and we don't make your new wallet until you order it.