The Perfect Wallet doesn't Exist . . . Until You Order it from Us!

Most of our competitors have shelves of buckets holding PRE-Made wallets, and when they fill your order, simply pick out a generic wallet and put it in an envelope for you. . . . BORING and impersonal.   

Custom Wallet, Personalized Wallet

Bull Sheath Leather, however, is in a partnership with our customers. You tell us what you want in your custom wallet, and we make it specifically for you AFTER you order. At checkout, you can add a custom ID window, personalized initials, and even a custom motto to go inside your new wallet.

Made to Order - Best Men's Wallets

If you are searching retail links for a new wallet, but you really want the best men's wallets to hold all your essentials, we have the inside scoop on how you can get custom, handmade leather wallet that is perfect for your needs.

Men's Wallets with timeless style

Best Wallets for Men, Mens Leather Wallet

Choosing the right wallet is a big commitment. Its something you carry everyday, and it carries your Driver's License ID, your cash currency, and your credit cards. Most days it is not something you even think about, but it says a lot about who you are and what you value. Don't you deserve the best mens wallet?

What are the best wallets for men?

A leather wallet should have enough card slots and space to carry cash. The best wallets should be made with smooth, soft leather that will wear well and last a long time. A huge plus is if it has RFID blocking technology available.

Investigating Men's Wallet Brands

A stylish wallet is an investment. It should be timeless and durable, but fun and attractive as well.  Typically, a man's wallet is something that we get used to over time, and we accept it as it is.  

It is a common trend for a wallet to be full of thick bulkiness and worn out leather.  When we eventually replace it, we repeat this cycle with the next wallet without questioning if it is still meeting our needs.

When you want to buy the Best Quality Wallet

Bull Sheath Leather selects the best full grain leather from the foremost tanneries in the world, and crafts leather goods and wallets that you will treasure for years.  Our real leather wallet is handmade with durable stitching and can be customized with your initials or a personal motto.

How to choose a wallet for men

We know you're wondering which wallet is best for your man, and we're here to help. We've got the perfect wallets that will keep him looking stylish and feeling confident. Whether he's a minimalist or prefers to carry everything with him, we have something for everyone!

The right wallet for a well dressed man

Trifold Wallet, Real Leather Wallet

For the bespoke gentleman, nothing says timeless sophistication like a handcrafted wallet that is custom tailored to his needs.

At Bull Sheath Leather we understand that you don't want something for just the absolute essentials, but you seek wallet that is the very best men's leather wallet that will be a reflection of your individual style and taste.

Your Front Pocket needs the Best Quality Wallet

For men that prefer a slim wallet, we have a variety of minimalist wallets available to suit your tastes. Our slim bifold wallet, the Georgetown is sleek enough to be a front pocket wallet, but with enough card slots and a few folded bills to be ready for anything.

Business Card Holder with Card Slots

Every man needs a small business card wallet that holds just a few cards so you can give out your own business cards while networking or at an event. Our business card holder, the Denton, is a staple among minimalist wallets.

Handmade Leather Wallet made in Texas, USA

Our handcrafted leather wallets meet the highest standards of quality and precision craftsmanship that will serve you well for years to come. We have a variety of color leathers to chose from, so you can always have a new wallet that is unique and distinctive.

Why every man needs a men's wallet

A men's wallet is a necessary accessory. However, most men have multiple wallets in their drawers that they just don't use anymore.  There are many reasons that a man has multiple wallets.  But we feel like this will be the last wallet you ever need.

What to consider when buying a wallet

Our leather wallet selection makes it easy to find the perfect mens wallet for every occasion and situation. From bifold wallets to trifold, from front pocket wallets to money clips, we have something for everyone!  

We also offer custom engraving options so you can make your new mens leather wallet truly unique.

How to Select the Best Quality Mens Wallet

Choose one of our best men's wallet today and get free shipping on all orders over $75! You'll love our top quality products with customized wallet options and fast shipping times!

Looking for a Trifold that is a Functional Wallet?

Your custom made men's leather trifold wallet is only available here at ; we don't sell them in department stores or on other websites like our competitors do!  Our leather trifold wallet has 5 interior card slots (which each hold 3-4 cards) and has the option to add on a Custom ID window for more storage.

Available Wallet Customization options include:

  • Personalized initials
  • A custom motto or saying
  • Your Business Logo or Ranch Brand to the Wallet
  • A custom window for your photo ID
  • Our current turn around time is less than a week to ship, although expected delays as we approach the Christmas gifting season.

Mens Wallet for all ages and sizes

Bifold Wallet, Mens Wallets

If a more traditional, classic wallet with lots of room for credit cards and cash is what you desire, we have a wide variety of leather wallets to choose from.

We understand the importance of carrying the best business card wallet, and we offer several options for the discerning gentleman. You can select from a variety of styles such as bifold, bi-fold, trifold, card wallet, money clips wallet and more.

How to maintain your leather wallet for a long time

We use the finest full grain, vegetable tanned cowhide leathers to ensure that your handmade custom wallet will last for years to come. The handmade wallet is one of the few items in the world that actually get better with age.

We pay attention to even the smallest details, like using vegetable tanned leather on our money clip wallet and classic bifold wallet. This attention to detail makes our men's wallet popular among men who want a high quality product.

We construct your wallet with durability and Quality, because we know you want something that is more than just a place to carry essential cards, it becomes a beacon of your personal style.

Why buying a wallet should be an investment

Buying a wallet is hard. There are so many options to choose from, and you want the best leather wallet for men out there.  We all know that a good wallet can be really expensive, but we've found a way around this problem by making them ourselves. This saves us money which we can then pass along to our customers! 

The Best Men's Wallets to gift or get for yourself

Our custom mens leather wallet is made in America studio with only the highest quality materials available. Each of our designs has been carefully crafted to make sure they will last a lifetime, and look good doing it!

Ultimate Wallet for Folded Bills

Our products also come with an unconditional lifetime warranty against any defects or craftsmanship issues. If your product ever fails due to manufacturing defect or improper workmanship, send it back for repair or replacement!

Excellence is our Tradition

Finding a great wallet can be difficult.  We know that it's hard to find the perfect mens leather wallet, especially when you're on a budget and want something that will last for years. That's why we've created this website with our best options in mind. Our wallets are made from 100% genuine leather, handcrafted by experts in the USA, and guaranteed to last at least 5 years. 

RFID Blocking Wallet

For the man concerned about security, we have a great selection of wallets with RFID blocking cards. We have an extensive selection of men's wallets available here at Bull Sheath Leather - including our Mens Bifold Wallet or Mens Trifold Wallet.

Money clip designs like our Money Clip Minimalist Wallet; a slim wallet like our Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet; bi-fold designs like the Big Bend Bifold Wallet or the Trinity Trifold Wallet.

Looking for a bifold wallet?

If you seek wallet that is similar to a mens bifold wallet, Bull Sheath Leather has got you covered. Our team has combined years of experience in the leather industry to ensure that we can provide quality handmade products at a reasonable price, and this carries over into our mens bifold wallets.

What are some Good Wallets?

Our wallet collections have been carefully curated to include staples such as our Big Bend XL Bifold Wallet and Slim Bifold Wallet as well as popular Rio Grande, which is a traditional style bifold wallet.

Our best selling Slim wallets for men include best money clip options, vertical bifold wallet, and a broad line of badge wallet for law enforcement wallet. We have a plethora of options to choose from, all handcrafted right here in the USA.

What to look for in a quality wallet

You want to find a wallet that looks good and can fit all your cash and cards. Well, look no further because we've got some recommendations for the best wallets for men. 

How to choose your best wallet

Our tactical wallet will last for years, because it is made from a durable top grain leather. It can be used to hold folded paper currency or receipts.

Our Big Bend bifold wallet offers a simple, yet stylish design that's going to look great with any outfit you wear. You'll have plenty of space to carry all of your cash and credit cards.

Best Men's Wallets that are selling well

The best wallets for men are the ones that men can't leave behind. Whether it's a sleek, slim fitting wallet or one with tons of pockets and card slots, every guy needs to have something handy when he's on the go. 

What exactly are the best wallets for men?

The perfect wallet will make sure all their essentials are within reach, while keeping things organized so there is no need to fumble around in the dark abyss of their pocket.

These days, everyone wants everything at their fingertips—so why not get a wallet that does just that?

More Organic than a ridge Wallet

There is nothing like the feel of quality leather on your fingertips. Whether you're talking about a leather belt, laptop bag, or wallet, nothing feels as luxurious as smooth cowhide.

Our signature leather will develop a patina over time that will only add to the character. We are not concerned with using latest materials manufactured in a lab, but rather focusing on utilizing full-grain hides that will improve with time.

How to make your money clip wallet look good

Money Clip Wallet, Money Clip Wallet for Men

We get it; you want a money clip that will hold your cash and credit cards with ease, without being bulky. That's why we recommend the front pocket money clip wallet: The Austin. With a protective flap that will keep your cards securely inside, this is a popular choice for those who want to keep everything organized without being cumbersome.

How to choose a wallet that suits you

While choosing a quality wallet is not the most difficult task you will ever have, there are some things you need to pay attention to when making your purchase. Whether you want a simple or complicated design, something large enough to carry a few bills for those that carry cash, and card slots to hold your credit cards.

The Benefits of a Slim Wallet

The ideal pocket accessory should be slim and not look like an accordion. The perfect minimalist wallet is a marriage between form and function. It's hardwearing, can withstand everyday use and features high-end design interest.

Where to buy the best wallet for men

The coolest wallets are something that you relish pulling out at the end of a meal with a client or their family members. All prepaid cards are different but there are different people. Your wallet must reflect your personality. There are dozens of fashionable leather wallets and other personalized gifts for him at a reasonable price from $65 to $200.

Every Day Carry - Front Pocket or Back Pocket Wallet?

Slim Wallets for Men, Front Pocket Wallet

If you wear a suit, do you put your wallet in the front or back pocket? What about if you are wearing jeans or shorts? What's the best way to carry my wallet?

There are pros and cons for both options. The back pockets are great because they generally keep your wallet safe but out of the way, but the front pockets can be more comfortable to access and possibly a little safer.

How to wear Minimalist wallets - Do's and Don'ts

Minimalist Wallets for Men have surged in popularity in recent years. While most men can appreciate and benefit from having a bit of extra room in their pockets, not everyone enjoys the added bulk of a traditional wallet. Enter the Minimalist Wallet.

Why every man should carry a money clip

The Keller Money Clip Wallet: This is a popular design for men because of its minimalism and simplicity. It's great if you just need a place to hold your cards and paper money, but don't want bulk in your pockets.

How to organize your wallet

The Rio Grande Mens Bifold Wallet is one of our top picks because it has room to hold up to 12 credit cards as well as cash. It also has an option to add RFID blocking protection so your card information stays safe from hackers.

How to find the best popular wallet for you?

There are so many popular choices, but the most important aspect is selecting the number of card pockets you want. It can be either one big popular wallet for all the cards, or card pockets in the best wallet for credit cards and IDs.

What makes for a popular wallet for men?

A popular wallet is difficult for many people to choose, and this carries over into our mens bifold wallets.

Our wallet collections have been carefully curated to include staples such as our Big Bend XL Bifold Wallet and Slim Bifold Wallet as well as popular Rio Grande, which is is made from the finest leather.

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