Slim Money Clip Wallet, Best Money Clip for Men

Money Clip Wallet for Men - The Austin

 The Slim Money Clip Wallet is a hybrid of classic money clips and card carriers. It allows you to carry your cash and cards in one convenient place. If you want the easy access to cash, but also value security, then our Money Clip Wallet for Men might be for you! This versatile Money Clip Wallet can hold up to eight credit cards, identification and folded bills. Our mens money clip wallet is handmade from quality leather with a slim profile that can fit in your front pocket.

Your Best Money Clip Wallet Ever

In-depth product details: The Austin Money Clip wallet has a fold over leather flap that conceals your credit cards, while allowing quick access to cash in the metal money clip. Like all of our mens wallets, we use only full grain leather in our minimalist wallets. For our front pocket wallet, we keep in mind that a man just may want a few bills and card slots for credit and debit cards.

Evolution of the Money Clip

Some minimalist men use only a single magnetic money clip, but the modern man enjoys the feel of genuine leather as a refuge to store cash. The Money Clip wallet is perfect for credit cards, ID and cash. Slim wallets are designed to keep you looking sleek while stowing away your drivers license in card pockets and keeping cash bills secure.

How to use a money clip wallet

The best feature about this wallet is that it slides easily into any pocket without being bulky or big. You can have all your essentials ready with just a flick of a wrist! Our slim wallets are made from full grain leather and feature a stainless steel money clip on the back to hold a few bills.

How to select a slim money clip wallet

If you are used to a traditional wallet, you will be pleased if you change to minimalist wallets. This Slim Wallet is lightweight, easily fits in your front pocket, and is able to hold multiple credit cards. Our wallets are made from high quality leather and are a great way to hold your credit and debit cards.

What you need to know before buying a front pocket wallet

Slim wallets are great for men who work in professions that require them to wear dress clothes. Slim wallets are called 'slim' because they are flat and do not take up much space. Our money clip wallet hits on all cylinders to give you a smooth ride.

Stylish Wallet for your Front Pocket

This front pocket wallet features a money clip on the outside, a middle pocket for cash and credit cards, and goes easily into any front pocket. Its simplistic design makes it easy to use for everyday carry.

Traveling light without sacrificing style

If you have a few bills and a wallet full of cards, this minimalist Wallet is probably what you need. Our Slim wallets are great for men who want an easy way to carry a few items such as cash, cards, and ID. Spare your back the extra weight of a bulky, traditional bi fold wallet by going with this minimalist wallet instead.

What to buy for Dad this Father's Day

The Austin makes a great gift for dad, especially if you want to steer him form a bi fold wallet and towards the best minimalist wallet. Slim wallets are a great way to carry all your essentials without being bulky or heavy. Our Money Clip Wallet will help Dad look sharp and stay organized!

What makes a money clip wallet more appealing than a regular bifold?

Money clip wallets are different than a bifold wallet. For decades, the industry standard was a bifold wallet with leather lining, but now times have changed for the better. Slim wallets are better than the average bi fold wallet. Slim wallets mean no more bulky, awkward looking front pockets all day long! A minimalist wallet appeals to the next generation, by providing a slim wallet that offers RFID protection.

Block RFID Signals

Bull Sheath Leather offers RFID Blocking technology to our customers. Not only do we have the best minimalist wallets, but we also have RFID protection that will fit in your card slots for quick access. RFID blocking technology prevents thieves from stealing your information and renders your private data as useless for them.

Slim Wallets are here to stay

Slim money clip wallets have become the new standard in men's wallets because of their unique design. Our slim wallet is great for quick access to credit cards, ID, and cash in the middle pocket made from high quality leather will last for years to come.

Stylish Slim Wallet for Men

Slim money clip wallets allow you to have slim profile leather wallet while being able to carry all your of credit cards, cash and driver's license. It is important to carry an ID pocket and drivers license holder to keep identification on you. Slim wallets are called slim because they are flat and do not take up much space. This is the case with our Slim Wallet for men!

What makes upgrading your wallet so hard?

Let's face it, change is hard. For men who want to try the best minimalist wallets, our money clip wallet is a great option. We use only full grain leather in each minimalist wallet we make. The slim mens wallet with Money Clip is a great way for men to carry their cash, cards and IDs in one convenient spot.

Minimalist Design with Full Grain Leather

Our Slim Money Clip Wallet is one of our best selling products. We created Slim Slim Wallets to be the perfect minimalists wallet for your front pocket. When only high quality leather will do, Slim Wallets are the way to go! Slim wallets are handmade from full grain leather and feature a stainless steel money clip.

Which wallet is right for you?

If you are unsure about minimalist wallets, we also offer several types of mens bifold wallet. If you find that you carry a lot of business cards and need more credit card slots, you may enjoy the best bifold wallet. Slim wallets are designed for the modern man who wants to carry all of his essentials in one spot.

Experience the Money Clip Option

Another option for a money clip wallet is our minimalist wallet, the Keller. These money clip wallets are a slim wallet with money clip in the back, allowing for a few credit card slots and cash compartment under the money clip. This is also a great wallet to carry business cards in a slim wallet. Made only with full grain leather, our handmade leather wallets can be engraved with personalized initials.

Money Clip Wallet for Men - The Austin

Rugged and sophisticated, The Austin money clip wallet is a versatile every day carry for the modern man.  Handmade from the best genuine leather, this money clip for men will stand the test of time. 

The Austin Money Clip will evolve over time, developing a patina from your hand oils and age with character that is unique to your leather wallet. We also provide the option to add engraved personalized initials that make this money clip wallet exclusively your own.

Minimalist Wallet for Men on the Go!

A money clip wallet from Bull Sheath Leather will give your pocket a break. On the go, in meetings, or on dates, this is where you need to be, but it's not always easy. You're busy enough without having to worry about what kind of organized chaos your pockets are creating!

With so many different wallets out there for men, how do you know if one will work? We've got an answer for that. The innovative design of our minimalist wallets makes them perfect for any situation and they won't weigh down your pants or jacket either! Take a look at all our options here. If none of these suit your fancy then feel free to contact us with questions or concerns because we want to get just the right leather wallet for your front pocket.