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Long Wallets For Men - The Houstonian

Are you looking for a classic and timeless accessory? Let us introduce you to you the Houstonian, a long wallet for men that has become a staple in men’s fashion all over the world. 

Bull Sheath Leather has come up with a perfect gift that any man will happily accept and use for years. Our wallets, in particular the Houstonian, are a popular choice for our customers due to their durability and versatility. 

Our wallets come in mainly dark colors of green and brown. As you continue to use our wallets, you will notice a slight difference in their color because the leather darkens over time. This is quite a unique feature of our long wallets for men. 

Long Wallets for Men

For the gentleman who prefers a long traditional wallet, we have several styles available. Whether you need to carry a checkbook in your wallet or just like the long bifold wallet that sticks up for easy access to a billion credit cards, we've got you.

Our long wallet for men, the Houstonian, has two bill compartments and six card slots, which will fit 3-4 cards each once your wallet stretches out. Our men's long wallet is made from real cowhide leather and will stretch and darken over time with use.

Special Features

Personalized Wallet for Your Man

We offer options to buy custom long wallets for men. At checkout, you can add initials in a variety of styles, as well as the chance to engrave a personalized message on the inside credit card slot of the wallet.

Genuine Leather Wallet

Our men's long bifold wallet is made from genuine full-grain leather. We choose the best real leather for our wallets. Our hashtag motto on Instagram is #carryquality because we are proud of the durable and timeless pieces we create for our customers.

A quick view of our products at Bull Sheath Leather will show you our options for long wallets for men as well as traditional bifold wallets, trifold wallets, and minimalist wallets. Our store has an array of wallets of every popular style and make.

We mill all of our own leather here in America and do not use any imported products because we want to ensure every product has superior quality. Our Long Wallet comes sealed and finished with aniline dyes for water resistance while maintaining its natural look. The full-grain leather also helps repel moisture as well, making it easier for everyone who wants their new wallet to be durable!

What sets Men's Long Wallets apart from the rest? Our long wallets for men use only the best quality leather, which is why you can custom-make your long wallet with up to six letters or monograms on them. This personalization feature and top-notch leather quality make our wallets for men a one-of-a-kind accessory that nobody else will have!

RFID-Blocking Technology

Each long wallet for men has the option of adding an RFID card at checkout. For the long wallet, we actually include two RFID-blocking cards in your wallet to protect your financial information from unscrupulous thieves who have evolved to steal your credit card numbers without them ever leaving your wallet.

In addition to carrying cash and cards, our exclusive offer of RFID-blocking technology cards will complete your wallet purchase. The elegant design of the wallet is made for modern men looking for an accessory with multiple pockets. We hope that you find this wallet useful, and we enjoy customizing each order to make it unique.

Men's Long Wallet with Zipper

For the man who carries change in his long wallet, we offer a new option that has a zipper compartment on the right inside panel of the leather wallet. Although you will lose some card slots, you will gain security by having a place to keep your loose coins, important doodads, or even an extra special credit card.

A Perfect and Practical Gift for Your Man

When your loved one opens his gift from Bull Sheath Leather, their delight will be your reward. For their Father's Day gift, Wedding Day gift, or even a Christmas gift, we will process your request for a custom, personalized wallet that they will cherish for decades.
We have engraved special messages on our long wallets, from "We love you, Grandpa," to complete poems.

Wide Selection of Men’s Long Western Wallets

Bull Sheath Leather also has a full line of western wallets. We have western bifold wallets, western trifold, vertical, and an outstanding men’s long western wallet. Our wallets have a quality that you cannot get in a typical 'box' western store.

We begin with the best quality, full-grain leather from the best tanneries in the US. Our expert craftsman selects the best cuts of leather for your particular wallet. We never settle for less than premium and durable.

Our men's western wallets feature a decorative leather addition to the front of the wallet. You can also customize the front of the men's western long wallet with initials and the inside of the wallet with a special engraved message.

Additional Choices at Bull Sheath Leather

For the man who admires the men's long leather wallets but prefers a smaller package, we offer slim wallets, front pocket wallets, and even minimalist wallets with money clips. With a variety of colors and styles, we are certain you will find a leather wallet you will love.

Checkbook Wallet

The checkbook wallet, also known as the Breast Pocket wallet, is a great way to stay organized. Why, I hear you ask? Because there is so much space, you can place multiple cards, banknotes, and even some notes you may carry with you.

These wallets are handmade from high-quality leather that will darken over time with use, making them unique, as all Texas-made products should be! The genuine leather is full-grain leather, and the wallet is made of high-quality materials.

For the gentleman who prefers a traditional wallet, we recommend our long wallets. Made of genuine cowhide leather, these wallets will darken over time with use making them one-of-a-kind, as all Texans should be! The Houstonian has two bill compartments and six card slots which each can hold 3-4 credit or debit cards.

It holds cash along with up to 24 credit cards and offers enough space for those who travel light but need everything they carry around every day, easily accessible at all times! Save yourself money with our free shipping and frequently offered discount code.

Trucker Wallet

Around the 1950s, long wallets became popular among truckers who were transporting their vehicles across the country. Truckers who paid in paper currency received free gas at the station.

Today, many people still use these wallets while riding motorcycles. However, they are also available to anybody who wishes for a one-of-a-kind and well-known cash and card carrier service with a wide range of distinct features.

The wallet chain was able to provide the rider with the security that his wallet would not fall out during a motorcycle journey.

Breast Pocket Wallets

If you are looking for a breast pocket wallet that is long and roomy, then look no further. We will be talking about our fantastic handmade custom wallets made in the USA. You can customize your wallet with up to six initials or monograms, which gives them an extra touch of personality.

We use full-grain cow leather on this men's long wallet. It has two full-length pockets, used as bill slots, on this beautiful wallet with multiple compartments for business cards.

They are 100% vegetable-tanned leather and come in various colors like black, brown, tan, etc. These wallets are great because they have plenty of space inside for all your stuff - perfect if you carry around everything under the sun! And if it's not enough room for you, these wallets also have two separate compartments on either side with six card slots.

This is the last wallet you will ever need. The men's long wallet called the Houstonian is our brand on what a high-quality leather long wallet should be. You can add the option of RFID-blocking technology to the leather wallet. The long wallet was born here in the US, unlike other wallets that have their history in the United Kingdom.

This Long Wallet Is Not Your Regular Checkbook Wallet

The checkbook wallets are made to be sleek and thin. You can fit around twelve cards in total while still having room for cash or other personal items. This wallet is also very slender, so it will not add any bulk to your pocket, unlike other wallets that are bulky and cumbersome.

The Houstonian long wallet has a smooth look finish which makes this an ideal choice if you need something slim but rugged at the same time!

This long leather wallet is handmade out of 100% full-grain vegetable-tanned cowhide leather by master craftsmen here in America. The precise stitching on our men's long wallet keeps all your essentials neatly organized. And because we use only genuine leather.

Long Wallets for Men Always on the Go

For the man who is going places and has multiple obligations, we offer the long wallet for men, The Houstonian. While we offer minimalist money clips and card wallets elsewhere in our shop, this long leather wallet is for the man who wants all his cards in his back pocket.

The long wallet has 6 card slots that EACH hold 3-4 credit cards, as well as two long vertical pockets in the wallet for cash or to hold a checkbook. This handmade leather long wallet is made with pride deep in the heart of Texas for men with dreams as big as the Texas sky.

Available in a traditional sleek style as well as a Western leather front, this men's long wallet will flourish with the test of time.

The Production of Our Leather Goods

We believe in the power of handmade craftsmanship. Each of our wallets is crafted with pride in our Texas Studio using traditional leather-making skills and tools. Our handmade leather wallets are available to every man who wants to carry quality daily. Browse the best men's long wallets on our site, including ID Wallet Window holders and badge wallets that can hold everything that you could ever want or need.

The Houstonian leather wallet can be equipped with your initials or monogram. Other customization options are available, too.  You'll find that we have the best personalized Christmas Gifts for Him in 2023. 

Whenever we design a new wallet, we try to make it stylish yet practical. We believe that modern leather wallets can feature both and serve its carrier for life.

That’s why when we were working on the Houstonian, we decided to give it a long design with two main compartments - big enough for banknotes and multiple cards. Additionally, we added an extra front pocket to our bi-fold wallet collection. This hidden compartment is located underneath the card slots on either side of the wallet.

Other Wallets We Carry

If a long wallet is not what you are looking for, we also carry a slim bifold wallet, minimalist wallets, and trifold wallets, all made from genuine leather. If you are looking for a good wallet with extra durability, RFID-protection for everyday use, look no further. We have the best long wallets in the US.

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