What is an RFID Men's Wallet and How Does it Work?

An RFID Wallet can be used in place of traditional wallets for both men and women. RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification, which is a technology that allows data to be transmitted wirelessly without the need of physical contact between two devices. Bull Sheath Leather offers an add-on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Blocking Card, protecting you for the long haul and blocking certain types of electronic pickpocketing by radio frequency.

RFID Wallets

A RFID men's wallet stores credit cards and IDs securely by with microchip technology that blocks credit card numbers from being transmitted without your knowledge.

RFID Men's Wallet is Available in modern and sleek designs

Each of our mens leather wallets come with the ability to add on an RFID blocking card to prevent electronic pickpocketing. The best part of the RFID Wallet is that it's very sleek and modern, available in many different styles.

Features that meet your needs without being too bulky

Our wallets are thin enough to fit comfortably in front pockets, but spacious enough to carry everything you need for quick access. Once you remove money from the wallet, you can fold it up

Why you should buy a RFID Men's Wallet today 

Bull Sheath Leather offers a wide variety of slim wallet, minimalist wallet, bifold wallet, and several front pocket wallet. Whether you are looking to have a money clip wallet for a few bills and debit cards, or desire a sleek design of a high quality leather wallet, we have what you are searching for.

Want to carry a compact wallet that offers RFID protection?

Check out our small but modern RIFD wallet for men. We also have a travel passport holder that is perfect for your next vacation or business trip.

We understand that quality and practicality are important factors to consider when making such major purchases, which is why we back each purchase with our 100% guarantee against errors in our craftsmanship..

RFID Wallets offer an ID window

Our RFID blocking wallets offer an add on for our customer to show your driver license or other identification card.

RFID wallets are made with high quality leather

Our RFID wallet is hand crafted by artisans. We carefully select the finest materials for all our products. Our customer can select from a huge selection of colors and styles that meet their individual needs. Bull Sheath Leather offers one of the largest collections of leather men's wallets.

Men's Trifold Leather Wallet

Our Trifold Wallet has 5 slots for cards (which each hold 3-4 cards), a long slot cash pocket, 2 hidden pockets behind the additional optional ID window card slot. If you carry a lot of bills, our trifold wallet has space for your cash as well as secure sleeves for any card you carry.  Our crafted black leather trifold wallet has 5 slots for cards, an oversized full size cash pockets, and card holders behind the ID pocket.

Durable Bifold Leather Wallet

If you are on the search for a bifold wallet and want to have high quality leather in your bifold wallet, you should consider this mens leather wallet from Bull Sheath Leather. A few weeks ago I got my hands on a few of these in various colors and have been using them ever since. The wallet is made entirely in Italy in a multitude of exotic leathers. With a very competitive price tag, it makes for a great

Minimalist Wallets with RFID Blocking Wallets

Mens Leather Wallet, Front Pocket Wallet

Our leather RFID blocking wallet blocks RFID signals by blocking radio frequency identification, so that electronic thieves will have access denied to your personal sensitive information. If you are looking for a minimalist design, we recommend our one of our minimalist wallet, such as the Pfluegerville mens wallet, which holds six cards and folded cash.

Money Clip Wallet with RFID Protection

If you are looking for a front pocket wallet that will block radio waves, we recommend the Keller slim mens wallet or Austin minimalist wallet. Each one is a slim wallet for men that you can carry in your front pocket and has a money clip with room for accessories. Most men are carrying around bulky wallets that are stuffed beyond capacity into their front pockets which has been found to lead to lower back pain, but our money clip rfid wallet provides a secure option.

Wide Variety of Colors for our Customers

We search the finest tanneries in the world and bring our customers genuine leather wallets that will last for years. We have frequently asked questions about other materials, but have found that real leather wallets are the best. Bull Sheath Leather offers wallets in six colors - black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, blue, and olive green.

How this wallet is better than traditional wallets

This means you no longer have to worry about having your credit card or ID stolen while it is in your pocket or even worse when you are carrying it around with you all day long!

The benefits of buying a RFID Men's Wallet

RFID Men's Wallets are a new type of technology that has been developed to help prevent and stop credit card theft. It looks like your traditional wallet, but it contains RFID blocking material in the lining which prevents thieves from scanning and stealing your contactless credit cards and private information.

What is an RFID Blocking Wallet and how does it work

By adding on a RFID blocking card, your drivers license or other identification card can be protected. RFID blocking wallet protects against electronic theft by blocking your personal information stored on micro chips found in cards in your wallet.

RFID ( Radio-frequency identification ) is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data. The RFID blocking card will block radio signals from reaching the chips in your credit cards. Our stylish wallets are slim and have easy access slots for your most traveled credit cards.

How to choose the best men's wallet for you 

If you are on the search for a new leather wallet to hold your money, credit cards, and debit cards, we offer the best wallets for men with available add ons of a personalized ID holder and RFID protecting technology so that no one will steal your credit card numbers. You can purchase an RFID blocking wallet today.

Who should buy a RFID Wallet and where can I purchase one 

RFID Blocking Wallets are have style and functional accessories that will help you stay organized. It has slots for your ID, credit cards, cash, and more.  If you search our store, we have a style and size for every mens wallet that you could want.

How to care for your new wallet 

Your new mens wallet will evolve and improve with time as your natural hand oils mold your wallet into a daily accessory that is uniquely yours. Because it is made from natural cowhide, your wallet should not get wet, but can be wiped clean with a microfiber cloth. New wallets are stiff at first, but break in with use. Your wallet will start to soften and develop a beautiful patina over time making it unique to you.

What are the benefits of buying this product?

If you are looking for a RFID wallet that boasts beautiful full grain leather construction, search our store for the perfect style. We offer RFID blocking technology to protect your personal information, and a slim design that fits comfortably in any pocket.

Where to buy RFID Men's Wallets?

The best place to purchase the RFID Men's Wallet is right here at our online store! Stop the search and buy the perfect product for you! It also boasts durable construction, and can fit comfortably in any pocket shop now!

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