6 Unexpected Men’s Long Wallet Benefits

The Benefits of a Men's Long Wallet

Even though they’ve been around for a fairly long time, men’s long wallets have become an unexpectedly popular accessory over the last few years. While they’re undeniably impressive, it can sometimes be difficult to understand why men find them so attractive.
In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the many benefits of the men’s long leather wallet.

1 - They Have a Larger Size

One of the most obvious and noteworthy men’s long wallet benefits is just that. These wallets have a much longer design, making them perfect for the modern gentleman who requires more than two credit cards and a few crumpled tenners.

Because of their extended design, these wallets often have space for an array of items, including the following:

  • More credit and debit cards
  • A driver's license
  • Your passport
  • Unfolded money bills
  • Coins
  • A checkbook

Some types of men’s long wallets even have a compartment for your smartphone.

One notable advantage of this type of wallet’s length is that you can fit a stack of bills into the appropriate compartment without having to fold them.

The result is that you get to keep your cash clean and crisp. No more crumpled $100 dollar bills with this type of wallet.

2 - They’re Convenient

Thanks to their extended size and excellent compartmentalization, men's long wallets are incredibly versatile. Thanks to this versatility, they’re also incredibly convenient.

You can easily fit your passport, plane tickets, traveler’s cheques, cell phone, and debit cards into it when you go on a trip, for instance.

You also won’t have to rummage for your wallet looking for any particular thing. Thanks to the wonderful subdivisions, you’ll always know exactly which compartment contains your change, money bills, or cell phone.

The one inconvenient aspect of a men’s long leather wallet is that it can be slightly difficult to carry. That said, there are many ways to overcome this obstacle, and the wallet’s convenience far outweighs this mild inconvenience. The main problem is that the modern gentleman is used to tucking his wallet into a trouser pocket, and the men’s long wallet clips onto a belt or fits into a coat pocket.

3 - They’re Undeniably Stylish

One of the main reasons that men’s long leather wallets have recently made their way back onto the world stage is that they’re remarkably elegant and undeniably stylish. Some go so far as to say that a long wallet is the mark of a remarkable modern gentleman.

While that’s a debatable statement, there’s no denying that the men’s long wallet comes in a wide array of styles, colors, and types. Accordingly, they’re the perfect fashion accessory for almost any type of occasion.

4 - They’re Made From Natural Materials

As sustainability and environmentally friendly accessorization are becoming more of a focus, many men are looking for accessories made from natural materials.

In the case of the leather long men’s wallet, they’re made from a natural material that would, in some cases, be a waste product otherwise. This makes them a sustainable item produced from a renewable resource.

5 - Using One Supports Artisanal Businesses

If you buy a men’s long leather wallet from a business like Bull Sheath Leather, you’re not only getting a fantastic product, but you’re supporting a local, family-run business.

This means that you get all the beauty and quality of an artisan product. Artisans spend many years learning and perfecting their trade, so they can give you the kind of quality that you just couldn’t expect from mass-produced manufacturing.

An additional advantage of this type of transaction is that the artisans are often local. This helps boost the local economy instead of sending money towards importing products that local artisans can create equally well (if not better).

6 - High Level of Customization

Because they create the products by hand, artisan wallet companies like Bull Sheath Leather can create an entirely customized product. This degree of customization means that it’s the perfect sort of item to give as a gift.

From custom-engraving wallets to giving your long wallet a belt loop so you can wear it that way, there’s almost no limit to the customization ability.

As mentioned above, men’s long wallets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The advantage of working with a small artisan company is that they can often offer you additional colors and leather varieties that aren’t on their mainstream list.

So, if you want to give your husband, father, or grandfather a gift, you can customize it fully. From choosing their favorite leather color to a texture you know they’d like, or even a custom note on the wallet’s interior, the options are endless.

Wrap Up

The men’s long wallet benefits are so plentiful that it’s hard to fit them all into a blog post like this one. From their extreme stylishness to their large size and convenience, there are no real disadvantages to this type of wallet.

As a recap, long men’s wallets offer you the following:

  • The convenience of an all-in-one container for cards, cash, and even passports
  • The stylish look of a modern gentleman
  • A versatile accessory suitable for any occasion
  • The opportunity to support local and artisanal businesses
  • A comprehensive array of customization options so you get exactly the wallet you like
  • A sustainable product produced from a renewable natural resource

In fact, the only downside we’ve ever seen mentioned about men’s long wallets is that they’re a bit large (which is the point, after all). Fortunately, with Bull Sheath Leather’s ultra-slim design, you can fit your long wallet directly into your pants pocket.

There’s a reason why men’s long wallets have been around for decades and then made a sudden comeback. They’re simply the most practical, elegant, and stylish option for a man who needs a sizable wallet.

Check out the Bull Sheath Leather Men’s Long Wallet collection for a full overview of a diverse array of styles and designs. With the customization services on offer, it’s the perfect accessory for yourself or a gift for someone else.