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Bull Sheath Leather products come in a variety of styles and designs. We offer a variety of wallets on our advertising site, you can search our top sellers to find one that has the perfect number of compartments for your everyday carry.

Long Mens Wallet

You may be here at Bull Sheath Leather to search for a functional man's long wallet that will hold cash and has lots of compartments.  Many conventional men enjoy having a mens wallet that can be easily grabbed from a back pocket. These wallets are typically the length of a checkbook and can also be carried in a jacket front pocket.

It does not matter if you are looking for something slim or something that can hold many cards and cash; we have got you covered with our selection of best quality men's long wallets that will suit your needs.


Mens Long Leather Wallets - Why You Need One? 

If you are looking for a leather long wallet, then Bull Sheath Leather is the place to go!  We have many quality front pocket wallets and back pocket wallets for sale here. When it comes to finding the best one for you, we believe that it all depends on what you need your wallet to do.  


Lots of choices at your fingertips

If you want a wallet that can hold a lot of money and credit cards, then our bi-fold wallet may be perfect for you. If you want something slimmer and more compact, then our mens minimalist wallets might be the right choice.


Best Mens Leather Long Wallet

Bull Sheath Leather has the widest selection of full length wallets for men on the market. We have reviewed most of them with pros and cons in order to help you find out more about what you can expect from these top-rated products.


Why A Leather Wallet Is One Of The Best Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

Without question, our products are a great mens gift idea during the holidays because it will last much longer than store bought brands. At Bull Sheath, we are proud to bring you a top quality men's wallet that is hand crafted will last for years to come. We offer free shipping on all of our products over $75.


Designed with You in Mind

The wallet collection we have for sale is made from top-grain leathers, and is real cowhide. We have both traditional bifold closure wallets and slim wallet designs to choose from. You can be sure that we have a wallet design in order to meet your requirements.


Long Bifold Wallet Always at the Ready

Our Long Bifold wallet is made of full-grain cowhide, making it one of the most durable wallets on the market. With 6 card slots, that have enough space for 3-4 cards each and 2 money (currency) pockets, you will have space for all of the essentials!

You can finally have your slim bifold wallet that you've always wanted. It has all the room you need without being bulky.


Best Checkbook Wallet for Men

Our custom long wallets for men come in various colors and styles. You can choose from several shades of browns, black, or even olive green. Occasionally we have special access to limited runs of unique leather colors such as navy blue, red, or maroon in our shop.

If you are on the search for an elegant design in a specialty color, contact us by email or phone and we can work out the details.


Personalized Men's Breast Pocket Wallet

Men's Long Wallet, Custom Men's Wallet


It is important to note that we can personalize your gift with your engraved initials or personalized message. Our custom mens long wallet can have an ID window compartment added to it for an additional price. This means that you can display your business card for the world and keep your private information secure.

Your wallet with a personalized design is made of top-grain material with an imprinted engraving where you specify. Having a unique, customizable wallet means that you can keep all your items in one place and keep track of them better when they are organized.

What to Look For

  • Leather long wallet with elegance for the modern man
  • Can be carried in jacket front pocket as well as back pocket
  • Full-grain cowhide for durability and longevity
  • Offers option to add ID window and RFID cards.
  • Plenty of card slots and compartments to hold currency and crisp bills
  • Style and quality that you will be proud to carry, with room for all that you will need.


Genuine Leather that Get Better with Time

We select high quality leather for our wallets. They have durability, and are made to last a lifetime and can get even better with time. Our mens long wallet is made from full grain leather that will absorb the natural oils of your skin and its style will evolve over time.


Peace of Mind and Built to Last

You can have peace of mind knowing that you have purchased something durable for your long wallet needs. With proper care, these wallets will last you a long time, making them the best wallets ever.

Additional Men's Long Wallet Styles

We offer a mens long western wallet with a leather medallion for a western flair. Often called a cowboy wallet or a rodeo wallet, this quality wallet will last a very long time.

For Law Enforcement Officers we offer a badge wallet that is a mens long wallet. You can add on a custom recessed panel to securely hold your badge. This is a great choice for police officers, firefighters, or anyone else who proudly wears the badge.


RFID Blocking Technology Accessories

Our wallets are handmade in our Texas studios. We have RFID blocking cards available to add on to your wallet for extra protection from electronic theft. We also have RFID blocking card sleeves that will work with other kinds of wallets, such as a long bifold or mens front pocket wallets.


Does your Wallet Hold All of Your Stuff?

I've always wanted a long wallet that is able to hold everything I need for my night out. I want card slots and plenty of room for cash. I also want it to be slim so it's sleek enough for me to fit in my pocket.


What you need to know before buying a long wallet

When you are shopping for an item that you will carry everyday, you don't want to worry that you are spending your money on a wallet that isn't high quality or will fall apart right away. You should know that long wallets for men are made to be able to hold plenty of stuff. If you want more mens front pocket wallet space, look for mens card holder wallets on our site. You can also ask us about custom leather goods if you need something not seen on our site.


Stitching Quality Matters

Quality materials and skillful design come together in an elegant package with superior stitching for durability. Each piece is machine sewn with the best thread material. We have an upgrade option to have any wallet hand stitched for an additional price if you so choose.


Where to buy the Best Long Wallets online

Men's Grain Leather Wallet

A wallet is a place to store your cash and cards securely. It can also have an ID window for quick access to identification when you need it. If you are looking for something unique, ask us how we can help with your custom mens leather long wallet needs.

We will work hard to make sure that you end up with the quality product that reflects your personal style and that you are proud to display every day. Bull Sheath Leather has exclusive offers of special price and free shipping offers over $75.


Tips on choosing a wallet for the best price

If you have been on the search for the best price and fashion that fits into your budget, you have come to the right place. You should consider what material is best for you, whether you want card slots and compartments, and how much room you need to hold all of your cards and bills.

We frequently update our shop advertising with best sellers on our website so you can be notified of sales and other discounts. Sign up for our mailing list or check the site frequently to stay updated with all of our exclusive offers. Shop today to find the right wallet at an affordable price!


Pros and Cons of a Custom Long Wallet

Every custom wallet is made specifically to order, which means that you can create the perfect personalized long wallet.  


  • You can choose from exclusive offers of ID Window add-ons and RFID card accessories with your purchase. Check out our western wallet for a more rustic look, as well as our badge wallet.
  • Price is reflective of the level of fashion and personal awesomeness that you deserve.
  • You can carry all of your money around with you, always ready to checkout in style.
  • The cardholder style is sleek and slim; it can easily be placed in your front pocket.


  • None to speak of! We have the perfect wallet for those who want card slots and card compartments to hold all of their cards, cash and more! Search on our website today for exclusive offers on Men's Long Wallets, Western Long Wallets, and Long Badge Wallets.
  • You'll have to stop shopping for the perfect wallet, because you have found it.
  • Your family will have to shop for different accessories for Christmas gifts, Fathers Day gifts, and birthdays.
  • If you carry too many cards, you won't be able to complain anymore, because there now will be space for everything to fit.


A Wallet for Every Man

Bull Sheath Leather products come in a variety of styles and designs. We offer a variety of wallets on our advertising site, you can search our top sellers to find one that has the perfect number of compartments for your everyday carry.

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