Long Wallets for Men

Bull Sheath Leather specializes in Long Wallets Men will enjoy and will be proud to carry. Whether you are a business man or looking for a cowboy wallet, we have a variety of long wallet mens options for you

Three of the most popular Long Wallet men of 2021

Our long wallet, the Houstonian, comes in three basic styles: the checkbook long bifold wallet, the Back pocket Western long wallet (also called a Rodeo Wallet or Cowboy Wallet), and the Back Pocket Long Business Man's wallet.

The Houstonian long wallet comes in six different colors. From Black, to several shades of brown, and even olive green.

Customized Checkbook Wallet

The long wallet is a checkbook wallet that also carries all the other items a man needs in his back pocket. You have the availability to order personalization by selecting engraved initials or a custom message at checkout.

Since it is a long bifold wallet, it has a place for everything a man needs to carry in his pockets - ID/Driver's License, Credit Cards, Business Cards and Checkbook will easily fit.

Western Long Bifold Wallet - Cowboy Wallet

Western Long Wallet, Cowboy Wallet, Mens Rodeo Wallet

Our Western Houstonian has a flare for the country and western heritage of our home state, where all of our wallets are made in Texas. The long bifold wallet is made with the skilled craftsmanship found only in leather goods made in the USA.

Many of our customers call this wallet a cowboy wallet because it is designed to be carried in your back pocket, not inside the front slacks pocket. For those of you who still wear Wrangler jeans, the Western Mens Long Wallet is a good product to select in our store.

Business Mens Long Leather Wallet

Our exclusive offers provide a long wallet for men that will hold currency, provide durability, and will soften with usage. Some may search for a checkbook wallet, but the Long Bifold Wallet is actually a better alternative for carrying currency.

Men may appreciate the extra length of our Bifold Long Wallet since its full length allows easier access to make purchases. This is an excellent option if you are looking for a wallet that will carry your checkbook and other items you need in daily life.

Women like Long Wallets too!

Long wallets aren't just for men anymore! We have had many women choose to carry our Long Wallet as their everyday carry checkbook wallet.

Bull Sheath Leather wallets are handmade with top grain vegetable tanned leather which ensures its durability and strength. Long wallets range in price, depending on options chosen, and come in a variety of color options and styles too.

Cowboy Style Mens Leather Wallet

It's not easy finding the perfect wallet. Not only do you want to make sure it fits your needs, but also that it reflects your style. If this sounds like something you've been struggling with, then we have the perfect solution for you! We are proudly presenting our Long Wallet Men collection.

How to find the best Long Wallet for men

These wallets are made of high-quality leather and come in a variety of colors to suit every man's taste. With six card slots and two long bill compartments, these wallets will keep all your essential things safe while still looking stylish no matter where you go!

So if this is what you are shopping for, checks our website today and start building out the perfect custom long leather wallet for him.

Benefits of having a long mens wallet

Long Wallet Men, Leather Long Wallet Mens

While many men enjoy the convenience of a slimmer wallet, most women know that when it comes to fashion both sexes have different needs. In this blog post we'll cover some of the best wallets for men, keeping in mind their needs and preferences.  Our favorite pick is the leather one with RFID blocking card because it's stylish and will protect your credit cards from unauthorized access while still holding plenty of cash and cards.

For more information on our picks, check out our page Best Wallets For Men.

Why a Mens Long Wallet is the Best

Finding a mens long wallet can be difficult. The struggle is real. But we’ve found the best one out there! Check out our reviews and see what you think about it.

Organized Compartments to find your Items

Carry only the cards you need, and keep them organized so they are easier to find. Our checkbook wallet can keep your items subject to a daily search for the same things.

A leather wallet that holds currency and credit cards will eliminate those daily searches for car keys, business cards, debit card and other items you need to carry on a daily basis.

Keep your money safe

The cowboy wallet is a great way to keep your money and cards safe. It may be a little more expensive, but this Long Wallet is handmade and made from high-quality leather. It is easy for you to have both hands free while still being able to access your cash currency and credit cards.

Details Make the Difference in Your Wallet

We have a RFID blocking card that is available to protect your private information from being seen and stolen. Long Wallet Men is branded with the Bull Sheath Leather logo so show wallet style as unique as your personality.

Mens Leather Wallet Choices in our Shop

We also offer many other Wallet styles for men, including Mens Bifold Wallet, Slim Wallets for Men, Trifold Wallet, and Front Pocket Wallets.

All of our Leather Wallets are handmade in Texas by local artisans with the highest quality materials. We offer several different kinds of leathers to choose from when designing your wallet. Our Long Mens Wallet is made from top grain vegetable tanned leather that is supple and will soften as it ages.

Finding Long Wallets for Men online

The Long Bifold Wallet is a great choice if you need to carry lots of items with you throughout the day. It has six card slots and two long bill compartments that can accommodate your cash, cards, business cards and feature your personalized monogram initials.

Durability and Made in USA

And if you're looking for something that'll last a long time, look no further than leather wallets made in America, custom made for you when you order.

Tips for choosing the right one for you 

If you can't decide on the perfect wallet, our products make a great gift for him, whether for Christmas, Father's Day, Birthdays or any other special occasion. Long Wallet Men is a great choice for those who like to hold onto their cash and cards in an easily accessible design.

Pitfalls of Carrying a Leather Long Wallet

Just some quick warnings about carrying one of our awesome wallets, such as carrying too much cash or having too many credit cards in it at once. Often, you could forget that you have it on you when going through airport security!

Long Badge Wallet Available

Badge Wallet, Police Wallet, Law Enforcement Wallet

We also have a unique design of a Police Wallet that is adapted from our Houstonian Long Wallet for Men. You can email the main page to request this custom wallet. We offer a full line of police badge wallets and value our Law Enforcement Officers! We have a unique badge wallet product and would love for you to check out our page.

Before You Buy a Mens Wallet

Long wallets are in high demand these days, but it can be hard to find one you like. We also offer a bifold wallet and a trifold wallet. Check out Bull Sheath Leather to find the best wallet for him.

We have a variety of styles to choose from at different price points- perfect for both men and women alike. You won't regret checking our site first before heading over to Amazon or Etsy because at Bull Sheath Leather we're dedicated to making quality handmade leather wallets that are made specifically for you when you order. Happy shopping!

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