How to Determine the Quality of Handmade Leather Wallets 

In today's marketplace, options have opened up for many ways to order a mens leather wallet online. There are multiple websites dedicated to hobby crafters who provide a variety of wallet styles.

While some of these options appear to be affordable, the quality may not stand the test of time. We challenge you to experience the quality and luxury of a Bull Sheath Leather handmade wallet, and expect that you will be unable to return to options of lesser quality.

Your loved one deserves the best wallet, and one they will enjoy pulling out of their pocket everyday.


Handmade Leather Wallets

Many wallets claim to be handmade, but in actuality, many are manufactured on an assembly line or assembled in a factory overseas. Bull Sheath Leather stands apart from the crowd in that we make YOUR handmade leather wallet to order.

Handmade Leather Wallet

Meaning, we don't cut your real leather wallet pieces out from the whole hide cow leather until you place the order. An artisan in our small studio in Texas will select the best leather for your wallet, ensuring that you end up with a high quality handmade wallet that is truly one of a kind.


We use the best bonded nylon thread and industrial sewing machines to construct your selected card wallet. The artisan will construct your handmade leather wallet with precision, made for durability. Our wallets are handmade in Texas, USA . . . Made with Pride, from Deep in the Heart of Texas.

Additionally, we ensure that your wallet will be unlike any other by offering you the option of engraving personalized initials on the outside cover of the wallet, and a personalized message on the inside.


Real leather wallet

Our wallets are NOT synthetic pleather or waxed canvas. We order genuine cowhide leather from the best tanneries. Some of the finishes on our leathers take 6 - 9 months to dye and seal.

We custom split the leather to the exact thickness that will be durable, but yet still supple. Our dollar bills compartments are ample enough to hold your cash on most of our wallets.

Real Leather Wallet

The wallet will patina over time, softening as it absorbs your natural skin oils. A genuine leather wallet will also soften with daily use. Once you have had a real leather wallet, you will never again settle for a substitute or inferior product.



Best Wallets for Men

We are proud that we offer the best wallets for men. No matter what style mens wallet you are looking for, we have it. If it is custom wallet that you are looking for, our design team can speak with you about getting the exact lay out you envision.

We offer a full line of mens wallet styles. We have several billfold wallets, minimalist card wallets, Western Cowboy wallets, and Mens Leather Long Wallets.


Vertical Bifold Wallet

Today's fashion features many thinner and tighter pocket. We have a solution for this fashion trend with our vertical wallet, The Tyler. While slim enough to fit in most back pockets, it can also be carried in a front pants pocket or even in a suit jacket pocket.

Vertical Bifold Wallets

The Tyler will allow for a drivers license and approximately 12 cards, or several business cards and folded bills. There is not a traditional cash money slot because of the unique slim slip pockets.





Mens Bifold Leather Wallet

Our best selling wallet is a traditional men's bifold wallet, the Rio Grande. Available in a variety of genuine leather colors, it is most similar to what most would envision when they request to see a Men's Leather Wallet.

The Rio Grande has a long cash pocket on the back, and then 2 horizontal card slots on side, that each hold 2-4 cards, in addition to 2 vertical pockets, which can each hold additional 4-6 credit cards or even more business cards.

We have an optional upgrade to add a custom ID window, which is placed as a flap over the right side of the wallet, and has an open ID window for your drivers license or other photo ID.


Mens Leather Long Wallet

Mens Leather Long Wallet

Whether you are looking for a cowboy wallet, or just like a long wallet that will hold a checkbook, we've got you covered. The Houstonian, which is named for our owners' hometown in Texas will fit securely in a man's back pocket, while sticking out for easy access.

The Mens Long Wallet is a bifold with two long vertical pockets, either of which can hold a checkbook, or you can use both sides to hold cash bills or cards. . There are three horizontal pockets on each side, which can each hold 2-4 cards.

As you can see, The Houstonian is a versatile option for the gentlemen who appreciates a long wallet. If you are interested in a rodeo wallet, we offer the Western Houstonian, which has a sewn medallion in the corner and gives it a western country feel.


We also offer a variety of trifold wallets, minimalist wallets, slim wallets, and women's leather goods. Our customer's satisfaction is our strongest asset and we look forward to sending you the wallet of your dreams!