Custom Wallets for Men, Made Specifically for You

Wallets are something as universal as shoes or a watch; it is something that you carry every day. However, here at Bull Sheath Leather, we do not feel that it should be something that you should consider casually when there's so many great options for custom wallets for men. Having engraved wallets with your name or personalized motto inscribed inside can allow you to have a personalized wallet that is not only a part of your everyday life, but expresses who you are and is something that you will enjoy every day.

What Makes a Good Wallet For Men?

Custom Wallets for Men

If you are shopping for the best gifts for your husband, dad, boyfriend, or even your boss Each custom wallet is shipped to you in a gift box, because our genuine leather wallets make the perfect gift. Opening his personalized gift should be memorable moment, and we want everything to work correctly. Adding personal details to a great gift makes his new wallet custom in a way that will make him feel special.

How to choose custom leather wallets 

If you are looking for leather wallets, then browse our wallet options with upgraded customizations to create your own custom wallet design. You can add custom art or upload images to work with our designers to create the perfect custom personalized gift. Be sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube accounts for ideas and customized example.

Men's Fashion: The Right Accessories for the Complete Package

When it comes to a leather wallet, there is an element of timeless style. Every modern man has the need to carry credit and debit cards, but it is important that we offer RFID blocking technology so that thieves cannot scan your credit card data and steal your personal security.

Different Types of Personalized Wallets That You Can Buy

The custom wallet for men is the perfect gift especially when it comes to real leather engraved wallets, which are made with you in mind. Our custom gifts include a unique personalized touch that allows you to create custom engraved designs and engravings that personally expresses the personality of the man who will appreciate custom engraved wallets.

Custom leather wallets facts that you probably didn't know

Custom Leather Wallets

Did you know that custom leather wallets were originally used by the better social classes in ancient civilizations? OK, maybe not, but if you are on the search for leather wallets, we do truly have the best handmade leather wallets at Bull Sheath Leather.

Our site can help you to choose custom made wallets for men that are practical and match your lifestyle, not only personal custom leather wallets but also corporate engraved leather gifts.

Stuff to consider when buying a wallet

Most people know how important it is to have a customized watch or customized shoes, but what about personalized wallets? Wallets are something that every man carries everyday. Unfortunately, not everyone feels like they should take this into consideration when choosing which one to purchase since they think that any wallet will do. Well, that's wrong. A custom wallet for men is much more than just a way of storing your monetary essentials while making sure you don't walk

The Best Leathers for Your Custom Wallet

We get it . . . When it comes to your handmade leather wallet, you want only the best. We use only full grain leather on the personalized wallets available on our site. Whether you like minimalist wallets, trifold wallets, or money clips, we offer each of these as custom wallets with engraved custom designs. We have custom wallet designs in a variety of shapes and styles that can fit any man's life or personality.

How to buy a gift for your husband

For each of our custom wallets, you can relish the handmade great gift. Each time he places his personalized money clips into his front pocket, he will think of you. Style is important, and when it comes to custom wallets, genuine leather wallets are the most secure wallet choice. His personalized wallet is something he will carry every day, and search for when its missing. When it carries all of your stuff like cash, credit and debit cards, it becomes part of his daily style settings.

Best Personalized Gifts for Dad or Grandpa

We use engraving similar technologies to exactly inscribe the message or initials you want into his custom leather wallet. You can shop for wallets for men in any big box store, but shopping on our site is a search for the unique personalized wallets that he will always treasure. Whether you need a Christmas gift for dad or a birthday gift for grandpa, custom leather wallets are the perfect personalized gifts for him.

Custom Handmade Men's Wallets

We offer custom wallets for men that you can count on. Whether he likes money clips for his cash or needs a big wallet for lot of credit and debit cards, our genuine leather wallets account for a sense of style that he will love. When the details matter, our handmade custom leather wallets show our customer care. If you want a leather wallet that is personalized, you should carry the best.

The Importance of Having a Personalized Wallet

In the end, our relationships are what matter most, and when he pulls his custom leather wallets from his front pocket, it will remind him of the love between you. With custom gifts including custom engraved leather wallets, he will be reminded of your thoughtfulness every time he uses his custom wallets.

Custom Engraved Wallet Designs - Where to Start?

A custom leather wallets are not something that should be considered casually when there are so many great options available. We make wallets for men from genuine leather that can be engraved on the cash pocket. Handcrafted style makes a difference in a leather wallet. When you are shopping for a wallet, keep in mind if he likes a front pocket wallet or a long wallet for men. Either way, you can personalize it with his initials on the interior pockets or initials on the outside of the wallet.

The Bull Sheath Difference

Engraved Wallets for Men

Each wallet from our business is handmade and handcrafted with the user in mind. If you are on the search for a mens leather wallet that he will show off to his friends, Then you have come to the right web address. Subscribe to our emails for special advertising for our seasonal sales.

Our leather wallets have a timeless style, whether you are looking for a mens bifold wallet, a long wallet for men, or a minimalist card wallet, each leather wallet can add personalization with his unique data. When your pockets have personalization, it shows you are a man to be reckoned with, and that you have loved ones who want you to have the best handcrafted leather goods when you go about your business.

Looking for new custom leather wallets?

Bull Sheath Leather is the best place to find custom wallets for men. We have engraved wallets with your name or personalized motto inscribed inside that can allow you to have a personalized wallet that is not only a part of your everyday life, but expresses who you are and gives you something that you will enjoy every day.  

You can use our engraving options to personalize any item on our website in just minutes! All it takes is three simple steps and we’ll take care of the rest. Just upload an image, type in what you want written, and select font style. It’s really that easy! No matter what gift idea or product from us appeals most to your tastes, it will be customized just for you when we receive your order at

What is full grain leather and how should I take care of it?

Genuine Leather Wallet

If you are on the search to personalize to your husband or significant other, custom leather wallets from Bull Sheath Leather is perfect. At custom leather wallets, we make custom handmade leather products and custom handmade gifts. You can gain knowledge on the difference between full grain genuine cowhide and top grain genuine cowhide here.

When it comes to custom wallets, not all materials are created equal. Full grain genuine cowhide is the best choice because you know what you get is real leather wallet that will soften with use as it absorbs your skins natural oils. It is cowhide leather, so it may have some blemishes because it reflects the story of the animal.

Looking for custom wallets for men? Here are some things to consider.

If you are looking for custom wallets for men, there is no substitute for quality. Bull Sheath Leather carries custom leather wallets to suit your hair. For engraved wallets for men, our custom mens bifold wallet or custom front pocket wallet can carry everything that he needs without needing to carry around bulky leather wallets.

Every man should have his own engraved wallets at least once in his lifetime. Being prepared means having all the necessities on hand and ready whenever they may be needed; which includes holding onto personal identification, even if it's just a drivers license or ID card. Make sure he has what he needs with personalized wallets from Bull Sheath Leather! If you want to make an impression, look here first.

5 ways to organize your wallet

  • Money clips for men are the perfect minimalist option for those who just need to carry cash and a few cards
  • Bifold Wallets for men are a timeless style that many men rely on to carry credit cards and debit cards in their pockets.
  • Mens Long Wallet is a rodeo wallet, or a long wallet for men that has enough room for a checkbook, full link card for cash, and plenty of pockets for credit and debit cards.
  • Vertical Wallet - to keep your data secure, your custom leather wallet needs the best wallets for men, whether you carry it in your back pocket or carry it like a cowboy wallet.
  • Handmade leather wallet - In our business, this is the top wallets for men. Once you personalize it for their life, it becomes the best wallet for men.

How to choose a perfect wallet for yourself

First, you should consider how you use your current wallet. Do you use all the card slots? Do you find yourself needing more space and have a receipts and gift cards stuffed into extra pockets? Secondly, you should consider our marketing ads, we have so many different types of wallets, you may find a customized option that you hadn't considered that you will enjoy more. Browse our shop and review the different kinds, and keep in mind that almost all of our choices can personalize. Some men have found they need different wallets for different occasions, having a slim card wallet for a night out, but a large wallet such as our Big Bend Bifold Wallet for their daily use.

Search Personal Details For your Account Choice

So if you’re looking for a custom wallet that will make him feel special, something he can carry with pride and is uniquely his own, then Bull Sheath Leather may just have the perfect thing. With so many options to choose from in our store - including engraving inside of your choice-- we are sure there is a personalized men’s leather wallet waiting for you! Shopping at BSL allows you not only to find a great gift but also get one yourself while supporting small business owners who take their handcrafted work seriously. We hope this blog post has been helpful and would look forward to hearing from you soon!

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