Black Wallets Mens

Best Men's Black Leather Wallets for Every Man

Our Black Leather wallets are made from the darkest, finest black leather that is supple and softens with time. Able to be customized with your engraved initials or a personal message, Bull Sheath Leather gives you the opportunity to have a completely personalized wallet.  

We offer a variety of mens wallet styles for every man, from a slim minimalist wallet, to a long rodeo wallet, or trifold black leather wallet.  

What makes a nice wallet?

Men's Wallets range from simple trifolds, bifold new wallet, bi-folds, tri-folds and more.  Our mens leather wallets come in a variety of styles and colors. Black is always a staple color for men's wallets because it goes with any outfit or occasion.

Who has the best Black Wallets mens?

The best wallet is one that you love to carry and gives you a smile every time you grasp its familiar texture in your hand. Our front pocket wallet easily fit in your hand with card slots for your ID and credit cards. To make the perfect gift, you can add initials or a personal message to inspire him every day.

Personalized Wallets Make a Great Gift for Him

Black Wallet Mens, Black Leather Wallet

Made from top quality USA leather and engraved with your choice of initials. A great way to personalize your new wallet is by adding initials or a personal message that makes your gift for him a custom wallet.

If you are on the search for creating the best wallet, we offer an additional custom ID Window for more card slots, or add on of RFID Blocking card.

Black Leather Front Pocket Wallets

Or perhaps you're looking for a simple black wallet with card slots, our front pocket wallets?  We have  the perfect combination of sleekness and style. Our money clip wallet is perfect for the man who wants to be close to his cash.

A front pocket wallet is a great choice for a slim design that keeps cash and cards organized. With its streamlined design, wallets are easily accessible and securely stored in a front pocket.

Mens Wallet with Money Clip for Easy Access

The best mens leather wallets make a great gift for any guy in your life. He will love the softness of our USA cowhide leather, smell of it when you take it out of your pocket, and love that he can finally throw out his bulky old wallet.

The benefits of owning a black wallet

The benefits of owning a black wallet is that it will go with any outfit and is great for formal events, such as weddings or funerals.   A nice wallet should be something that the man you care about looks forward to carrying. With our minimalist slim front pocket wallet, there is no bulkiness or unnecessary flaps.

Which type of material is best for my new black wallet? 

Custom Wallet, Personalized Wallet

Some men prefer a brown wallet, while some prefer a black leather wallet. The important thing to keep in mind when you search for exclusive offers on our site is to choose a wallet that is full grain leather.

Our genuine leather is independently selected, we are proud to sell the best leather material in the world. A genuine leather wallet for men is one of the best investments you can make for yourself, because it will last a lifetime.

Elegant Black Wallets with Minimalist Design

On our website we offer black wallets in all styles and designs. Our money clip wallet is slim enough to carry in your front pocket while offering a RFID blocking card slot

Best Men's Black Pocket Wallets Review

Choosing the best black wallet for men is an important decision. A mens leather wallet should be sleek, stylish and functional. Combining simplicity with comfort creates a special designed custom wallet that is sure to become your new favorite accessory!

How to care for your new black wallet

For the man who values his accessories for every day carry,  finding the perfect wallet is no small task. The pursuit for a high quality, durable wallet can be exhausting and lead to many failed purchases. However, with so many wallets to choose from it's easy to find one perfect for you if you follow these simple steps.

Want to own a personalized black leather wallet?

Bull Sheath Leather has hand crafted, artisan inspired can I purchase this beautiful leather-like, textured, and durable real leather that's made to last forever in the color of my choice (black) at an affordable price without breaking the bank or giving up quality and style.

Men's black wallets are a classic and timeless accessory that never go out of style. For a sleek and fashionable look for men, black is always an option. Professional or casual, a black wallet can be the ideal addition to your wardrobe.

Black Wallet Bifold

Bifold Leather Wallet, Mens Wallet

Our Rio Grande Wallet in Black Leather is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a traditional mens wallet. It’s made from the finest black leather and can be customized with your initials or personal message. We offer many different styles of wallets so every man can find one that fits their needs perfectly.

Nice Wallets for Men

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you. For modern men, a nice wallet is not only an accessory that makes a statement, but it also serves as storage for important items such as cash and credit cards.

Forget about bulging pockets because this minimalist style fits perfect without clogging things up. Your wardrobe will thank you for making suave moves to get this wallet that doesn’t weigh you down - literally!

Black Leather Police Wallet

Police Wallet, Badge Wallet

If you're not just looking for any badge wallet, you need the right one. I would like to introduce you to our Black Leather Police Wallet, available in a variety of styles. It is durable, due to its made of high quality cowhide leather with a long lasting stitching that will last for years before it starts wearing out. 

Proudly Made in America by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods passed down from generation-to-generation, this black leather police wallet is made with pride and integrity; exactly what you've been searching for!

If you need a police badge wallet but don't want to order one from a cheap website, then we have good news for you: our wallets are built with pride to last for years to come.

Access to the Details, with a mind towards Security

Too many wallets are afraid of the dark. They let your credit cards shamefully hide, where no one can see them, inside their leather homes. But for those who embrace the night-time lifestyle, you have arrived at enlightenment! With our black money clip wallet your card game is about to get lit up like a Christmas tree full of envy.

Permission to Carry the Best!

Black Leather Wallet, Mens Custom Wallet

This leather wallet is made from 100% black cowhide. It's handmade in the U.S., has a sturdy ID window available as an add on, and plenty of space for all the essentials. Our exclusive offers of retail links in our store allow you to discover our products featured.

What makes our products different from others?

You won’t find another wallet like ours on the market today, it’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life! With our sleek design and high quality materials, this will be the last men's wallet you ever need to buy again.

Looking for a Memorable Christmas Gift for Men?

Order your personalized gifts early to ship Christmas delivery! These are not stock wallets, we offer brands that are 100% unique and custom to you. Our personalized wallet makes a great gift for your husband, boyfriend, father, brother or son.

Shopping for a Brown or Black Wallet?

Every man needs a sleek black wallet that can stand up to his busy lifestyle. These wallets are great for professional men who want something sophisticated and stylish.

For the casual man, there are many options like bifold or money clip designs that also accommodate your everyday activities. Men's wallets come in all shapes and sizes, so choose the one

We help you say 'Access Denied' to Electronic Pickpockets

We offer an add on RFID Blocking Card that will protect your information that could be pull from the RFID chip in your credit card. You can add our RFID Blocking Card to any wallet and feel confident knowing your information is protected everywhere you go, whether it’s overseas or around the corner!

Do you want to have a unique wallet?

Our Rio Grande Wallet in Black Leather is the perfect choice. It’s a bifold wallet made from the finest black leather, and it can be customized with your engraved initials or personal message. You won’t find another wallet like it on the market today!

For the Man who Means Business

If what you’re looking for is a smart wallet with multiple compartments, our Black Bifold Wallet checks all the boxes when it comes to security, convenience and clean design.

This sleek black leather sure brings the heat, but not the kind you’ll be carrying in your pocket. The hottest wallets these days are slim, smooth and loaded with up-to-date features like RFID blocking technology to protect your money.

Accessories to Complement your Appeal

The best part about our wallets is that they are completely customizable to fit your needs. We offer a variety of styles for every man, from slim minimalist wallets to long rodeo wallets or trifold black leather wallets. There’s something here for everyone.

Are you looking for new traditional wallets?

Our wallets are made from the finest black leather and can be customized with your initials or personal message. We offer a variety of styles so there’s something for everyone!

Interested in a Wallet that will Easily Fit?

You can have an entirely unique wallet that is 100% custom to you. No one else will ever have this exact same wallet as yours, which makes it even more special.

Personalized Engraved Wallet

With our engraving option, we give you the opportunity to create something truly original and meaningful that will last forever. It’s not just a gift but also an experience that lasts a lifetime!

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