Where to Buy The Best Authentic Leather Wallets For Men

If you’re in the market for authentic leather wallets, you have to know where you can buy the best kind that will suit your lifestyle.

First, you have to identify the features you want to look for in a particular brand. Start by visualizing your ideal type of fashion. Are you a classic gentleman who prefers traditional designs, or are you looking for something that can match a modern casual look? After that, you can be more specific with the details.

What are the types of men’s leather wallets?

Choosing the type of leather wallet will guide you in knowing the features that you may find useful.

Bifold or Trifold: Billfolds

Billfolds are the traditional types of wallets. They often project a professionally serious look, but they can also be quite flexible for formal and casual styles.

A bifold is usually more lightweight than a trifold. However, both can be functional in their own ways. While you can enjoy the bulk-free feature of a bifold wallet, you can store more stuff in a trifold wallet because it has extra pockets.

Long Wallets

Long wallets have a slim style, which is efficient for briefcase or backpack storage. Due to their extra length, it’s not very wise to keep them in your pockets, especially if you regularly take walks in the streets. It can be very accessible for pickpockets, or it may simply fall off if it gets stuck.

The primary benefit of long wallets is that it prevents your bills from getting folded. They can look quite sleek, too.

Ultra Slim Wallets

Ultra Slim wallets are often made of thin leather, which makes them a lot lighter as well. For the untrained eye, they can look invisible through the front or back pockets. It’s a plus feature for security against pickpockets. But just because they’re slim doesn’t mean that you can’t put all your essentials inside the wallet. You can still store bills, cards, a few coins, IDs, etc. 

Money Clips

Some men don’t like to bring a lot of wallet items other than bills and cards. If that’s the case, money clips are ideal for you. It can easily slip into your jeans or jacket pockets with a “suave” style. 

Travel Wallets

Travel wallets are usually bigger than regular wallet sizes and have more pockets to give space for extra essentials. When you’re traveling abroad or on the road, you need quick access to important stuff like money, IDs, and passport. 

Finding The Right Brand

Looking for a store that uses authentic leather in manufacturing their products can be tricky. There are a lot of leather wallet companies crawling online. You need to find a certified brand that is known for having proven and tested quality.

So, how can you tell if you’ve found the right place?

If you’ve heard it from a friend, that should help you get actual feedback based on real experience. However, if you’re on your own, you can also check previous buyers’ testimonials with verified purchases. Seeing a majority of positive reviews is an excellent sign. Nothing beats satisfactory ratings from happy customers.

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