The Best Leather Materials For Making High-Quality Wallets

The Best Leather Materials For Making High-Quality Wallets

There are different kinds of leather materials used in producing various apparel and accessories. Wallets, for one, is among the most popular high-end products manufactured using leather material.

Each kind of leather material has its own benefits, but it also raises the question of which one is best for making wallets? However, this also leads to an even more interesting discussion about what exactly to look for in a leather wallet.

So, let’s look at five kinds of leather materials commonly used in making high-quality wallets.


Full Grain Leather

Full-Grain leather is the most durable material comprised of the tightest-packed layers of fiber with outstanding density.


Wallets made of Full Grain leather look tough because the natural markings are visible. The outermost layer of cowhide is unprocessed and unsanded to produce authentic Full Grain leather. Because of this, it can withstand scratches and discoloration for a lifetime.

Despite the fact that it’s from unprocessed cowhide, it’s still much more difficult to work on, which is why it’s not frequently used for mass production.


Top Grain Leather

This kind of leather material is considered as the second-highest quality leather from cowhide. It’s produced by having the outermost layer of the raw material sanded off to remove visible imperfections, such as blemishes and scars. It then looks and feels smoother than Full Grain leather. The downside to this is that it also strips away the most durable layer of the material.


Genuine Leather

Wallets made of Genuine leather are breathable, soft, and lightweight.


Genuine leather is made from the hide's inner part, where the outer layer is completely stripped off, which gives it a flimsier quality compared to Full Grain and Top Grain leather. However, both Top Grain and Genuine leather wallets are usually manufactured for mass production.


 They’re practically less expensive than Full Grain leather wallets, and this selection targets a wider market.


Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is made from leather scraps finely grounded to dust then glued back together into thin leather sleeves. Some would argue that this is the cheapest type of leather, and it doesn’t last as long as the others.

Nonetheless, Bonded leather wallets are manufactured with a more polished look, good quality, and has the sturdiness of fine leather material. 


Artificial Leather

Artificial leather is made from rubber, plastic, or synthetic materials that mimic the quality of natural leather. They’re easier to process, which allows manufacturers to explore with different designs and styles. Durability-wise, it’s far from authentic leather materials. Although with proper care, they can still last for a few years.


Which leather is best for a wallet?

The answer is totally up to you. For you to know which leather material is best for a wallet, you have to know the characteristics to look for in identifying what suits your needs the most.


If you’re rooting for ultimate durability, Fine Grain leather wallets should be your top pick. You can choose from the rest of the authentic leather materials if you want something more comfortable to carry with just the right level of quality. And lastly, if you prefer yours with a touch of stylish fashion, then you can find what you’re looking for from Artificial leather wallets.

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