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Money Clip - The Keller - Russet Brown

* Handmade in the USA

Front pocket wallets are great for carrying your cash, but they can be pretty bulky. Plus, the traditional front pocket wallet design makes it hard to access both cards and cash at once.

However, we’ve designed a money clip wallet that offers quick access to all of your essentials! This slim minimalist front pocket wallet is crafted from real leather with a classic silhouette and clean lines. 

Our front pocket wallet with money clip allows you carry everything you need without weighing down your pockets or sacrificing functionality. You can easily fit up to 6 cards inside of this stylish money clip wallet while still having room for folded bills!

The best part? You get fast access to all of these items because there are no zippers or buttons slowing things down here – just slide out each card as needed thanks to our unique design.