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The best wallets for men are here! These custom leather wallets can be personalized with a special note and/or initials. For those who love the look of black, brown or green - we've got you covered too. Our mens leather wallets come in many different styles and colors, so you can find something that suits your personality.

What you need to know about men's leather wallets

First of all, you need to know what kind of durable wallet best fits your needs. Bifold wallets are the most common and compact and easily accessible. They have two compartments - one for cash and another for cards. Bifolds open up flat so that you can store them in a pocket or bag conveniently without worrying about losing anything out of it.

A trifold wallet can hold more than bifolds, but they are bulkier since there is an extra flap on top which holds all your essentials: a few folded bills, receipts, and credit cards.

Why you should buy a new wallet

Have you had the same traditional wallet since high school or college? Is your ridge wallet falling apart? Does your zip wallet hits a snag? If your manly wallets is no longer a style statement, we offer quality leather bifold or minimalist wallets for you. Nice mens wallets can be a timeless leather wallet.

The best men's wallets on the market today

The man who wants the classic wallet will find that we have several of the best men's wallets to match your personal style. You can browse all of our men's bifold wallets on sale by clicking on the individual product pages. Our men's leather bifolds are a classic wallet favorite and come in several colors including black, brown and tan. For something more elegant, check out our fine Italian mens wallets.

The best leather wallet for him

When you are shopping for a for Christmas gift or Father's Day gift, you want him to have the best style. Cologne or a sweater are always welcome, but can get lost in the sea of others he already has. The best mens zippered wallet could be something that was just a passing fad.  But when you are looking for leather gifts for men, you've come to the best place.

Instead, get him a custom wallet that will last him a lifetime. A personalized wallet does not only look good on his dresser or nightstand, he will use it everyday and think of you each time it easily fits in his style. Nice leather wallets is something anyone man would like.

Wallet sizes vary from small to large depending on your needs

A men's wallet should be able to fit easily into your pocket or bag without being too bulky. If you are looking for a small wallet, our cardholder is perfect. If you prefer something bulkier to accommodate more cards and cash, we have the best trifold wallet.

Men's Wallets are an excellent gift idea

If you are looking for a personalized gift for him, these will easily fit because they're practical and useful. If you are concerned about RFID protection, we offer RFID wallet cards with blocking technology against thieves who seek wallet to copy your credit card and personal information.  The best wallet for guys is one that he will love to carry every day, especially if it has the right number of interior pockets. 

Why choose this specific brand?

Whether you're looking for a new wallet or a gift for Father's day, we offer the best men's leather wallets on the market today. Our quality is guaranteed and we offer fast worldwide shipping on all of our products including mens wallets, watch straps and passport covers.  Search our site and you will see that we have the top wallets for men. 

An ID window is a must-have for any man's wallet

If your card holder plays hide seek with your important card slots, you may benefit from an ID window which is available as an upgrade on our leather card wallet. It also provides some privacy for the cardholder underneath.

A great addition to any man's wardrobe

The practicality, sophistication and elegance of a genuine leather wallet make it an essential accessory for any man. The design of men's wallets has progressed to become what we know today as the modern wallet. In addition to a wallet, you should look for "leather accessories men" to great additions to you every day carry.

The top rated wallets for men

It is now more common place for wallets to be made from synthetic materials, but there are still some craftsmen like Bull Sheath Leather who value the art of leather. Bull Sheath Leather is a Texas, USA company that has dedicated themselves to the production of luxury handmade leather goods for men.

Your wallet is an extension of your personality

Your seek wallet should reflect who you are as a person; the way you carry it says a lot about your character. This is why we start with a top grain leather wallet. If you carry a few bills, or other leather accessories for men getting the right wallet is key. One you find some cool mens wallets style is the next thing you need. Here are a few wallet personality types you might be able to identify with; rest assured that we have products featured for each of them:

  • The Card Counter. You always seem to have the right card for any situation, whether it's a business card, train pass or club membership. Your teammates can count on you being there and being prepared.
  • The Security Expert. Everyone wants to mix business with pleasure which is why your wallet doubles as a RFID wallet shield for all your cards and cash. Their sharp edges are specifically designed to fend off any weapons, never mind knives or swords.
  • The Techie. Obviously you're always on the cutting edge of everything that's new in technology. You love listening to music on headphones but hate lugging around excess card cases.

Consider the size of your wallet when shopping

If you prefer to haul around more items, opt for a larger one, such as our leather trifold wallet, which is the best trifold wallet on the internet today. However, if you only require a few cards, we have several slim wallets for men to choose from.  Our slim leather wallet collection has slim wallets, card holder wallets, leather card holder wallet, and slim card holder wallets.  Like any of our mens leather wallets, these can become custom wallets with just a few additional add-ons at checkout.  One thing for sure, you want to steer clear of cheap mens leather wallets, and mens fabric wallets.

Minimalist Wallet with money clips

If you're looking for something functional but want to avoid bulky pockets, consider getting a money clip instead or a card holder wallet. Many men's wallet brands offer a slim wallet, but we have several front pocket wallet styles available.

How to pick a men's wallet that's right for you 

Our basic money clip front pocket wallet is the Keller. It has two card slots for credit and debit cards, or even a drivers license. On the back it has a metal money clip to hold folded bills. For those who need quick access slots to their cards, there

What should you carry in your wallet?

For the man who values privacy but still want a slim wallet with card slots, we have the Austin money clip wallet. Featuring a leather flap over the two slip pockets for credit cards and other cash pocket, it is a discreet money clip wallet for men.

How to choose a money clip wallet 

We have exclusive offers of leather wallet choices for those who want a thin, minimalist wallet. Money clip wallets have only one compartment so you can't fit as many things in it as a bifold or even a trifold, but they provide a slim alternative to traditional wallets. Some people prefer this style because the metal money clip holds bills securely and keeps cash safe.

Reviews of the top minimalist wallets

Our slim bifold wallet, the Georgetown Gentlemens wallet is a minimalist wallet with card holder and available ID Window. It is a great choice for men who want a bit more space but do not want to carry around a bulky wallet.

What is a Front Pocket Wallet?

These types of wallets also known as front-pocket wallet fit perfectly into the back pocket with its slim silhouette design. It has just enough room to fit your cash, credit cards as well as business and ID cards.

Leather Wallet : Should you buy a Trifold Wallet or Back Pocket Bifold Wallet?

The trifold wallet is a statement piece for you. These men's wallets come in three parts which is why they are called trifold. They have inner compartments for currency or other things, four card slots" to carry around your business cards. We also carry black trifold mens leather accessories to match you trifold.

Our best bifold wallet, also known as a billfold wallet mens, are traditional bifold wallets with a modern twist. They are made of two pieces of leather or other material that fold in half and can hold cash, credit cards as well as business and ID cards. They are very convenient to use since they lay flat when you open them up which makes it easy for you to take out money without having the hassle of opening a cash strap on top.

Why choose genuine leather wallets over synthetic materials

Genuine leather is a luxurious material that can hold up for years. If properly taken care of, you will have your men's wallet for life! Our top rated wallets are made of 100% full-grain leather which has not been processed or sanded down to remove imperfections from the animal skin.

Things you should consider before buying a new wallet

Details in the leather can contain natural markings such as scratches and scars that make each wallet unique just like our fingerprints. Every scar tells a story about how hardworking these animals were on their journey across this earth before we claimed them as ours. We never want to forget where they come from so let's appreciate every mark they leave behind with us through our wallets!

A Mens Leather Wallet is a great gift because they can be personalized

A good leather wallet will last you years and years, so it's worth the investment. When it comes to your budget wallet, each one has different sizes and compartments. A good leather wallet can also be personalized. You can engrave initials or a monogram on it so you always know which wallet is yours!

How to find the best leather wallet

Our leather is independently selected from the United States. We do not import it from other countries so we know our leather is the best! Our wallets are 100% handmade. Every stitch a labor of love that only expert craftsmanship can achieve. We use industrial leather machines to make sure every slim bifold wallet comes out perfect with thousands and thousands of stitches for each piece made in case you were wondering how long your wallet took to make (and yes, we counted them all).

Our first step is choosing the material: Full-grain genuine cowhide, which has not been sanded down or processed by chemicals during tanning "tanning" process. The second step is cutting these materials into pieces that will eventually become your new favorite bifold wallet

How many multiple card slots do I need in a good wallet?

You can search our website for a wide variety of wallet styles. The best quality wallet for your man is a leather trifold wallet. It can hold cash, cards as well as business and ID cards in the inner compartments without being bulky. The bifold wallet is also sleek with its compact design that fits perfectly into back pockets or travel bags/purses!

Do you want to buy custom made leather wallets?

You can find the perfect wallet / stylish wallet for your needs. Guaranteed to have the best leather wallet to carry cash and just the absolute essentials. If so check out our website: where you can find quality handmade leather wallets at an affordable price! You won't be disappointed - we promise!

Tips for choosing a new mens wallet with RFID Blocking Technology

There are a few things to keep in mind when you're looking for the best wallet that will suit your needs. You need to think about how much cash, cards and other items you carry around on a daily basis such as coins or business card "business cards/contact cards".

Do not forget that there are wallets with RFID blocking technology which is an added security feature! These RFID blocking leather wallet prevents thieves from stealing information stored on your credit or debit card using scanners. Leather wallets can also be personalized through embossing so make sure to add this option if you want it engraved with initials or names.

Money Clip or Minimalist Wallets

Money clips are a budget friendly way to keep cash for everyday use, which makes it one of the best wallet for men. They can also be used for credit cards and ID cards depending on the style you get!

How to order your Stylish Wallet

Go to your navigation menu for retail links and click on my profile to create a my account. Then pick from our best men's wallets!

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